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Customize Windows With XWIdget – Widget For Windows 7, Windows 8

Customize Windows With , one of the best widget currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can add  widgets as well as dock with xWidget.

This free  to Customize Windows is developed and distributed by XWidget .

Details of this XWidget, the next generation tool to Customize Windows 7 and Windows 8:

This xWidget to Customize Windows actually works like a platform to use several elements like Desktop Widgets and Docks. xWidget provides an editor to edit or create these widgets. You can go to the official website from the above link to see all the available apps.
After downloading, simply  it. If you need help, kindly visit the official website for documentation.

We have posted another nice Widget tool like Kludget, using which you can run any real Mac widgets on Windows 7.

 XWidget to get the idea how you can Customize Windows

Download XWidget to Customize Windows

It is a exe download, the file is 6.9 MB in size.

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks can reveal some of your unknown or little known features than by default we usually use.We love or hate, TextEdit is a part of OS X and both and for unknown reasons think, the default text editor should be like they are, although TextEdit is many times better than default text editor named Notepad. Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks exists for that reason – it is far better than you actually know.…

Computer and Internet, Tips and Tricks, Mac TextEdit Tips

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Windows : Dictionary of DLL, VXD, OCX files

In this tutorial we are offering a small dictionary of the DLL, VXD, OCX and related filesto so they can see what each of them belongs.

Windows 7 tutorials, windows 7, windows 7 VXD

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Free Tools For Cloud Security

Free Tools For Cloud Security are to check the security in cloud environments for free, so that the users need not to pay for the expensive suites. The number of security and management solutions for cloud computing environments has increased in recent months, almost explosively. Free Tools For Cloud Security lists some better offer for free of cost.

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Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud ?

Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud ? We are representing here few popular systems and highlighting especially the security aspects of the Public Cloud services. There is actually nothing new to be said in this article on Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud, we talked about Cloud Computing Security within this website many a times, still there are things which will be said in this article named Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud, with practical examples with usage.

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Execute bash Commands on Heroku Cloud : Video Guide

Execute bash Commands on Heroku  to get more control and in this  you can  extra serverside  like  zlib extension with we do from SSH. Actually this guide to Execute bash Commands on Heroku Cloud will help you to use extra advanced setup like we described in our guide for advanced and commands for Heroku Cloud.

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Cloud Computing Guide For SaaS or Software as a Service

 Computing  For SaaS or  as a Service provides a comprehensive guide on this Service Model of Cloud Computing which is important to any user; be of Enterprise Grade or just a  application or  Service user…

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