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How to use Bing,deviantArt or any RSS images as wallpaper slide show of in Windows 7

 Bing displays high quality image every day. These are pictures of nature, holidays, or related to an event.
It is possible,  to download these images as wallpaper on Windows 7 and make a  show, thanks to an RSS feed.

deviant art rss medium image, download images from deviant art rss feed script, deviantart rss theme

Please read more- How to use Bing,deviantArt or any RSS images as wallpaper slide show of in Windows 7

Frozen 3D Wallpaper : Black Betty

Frozen 3D Wallpaper presents you yummy frozen 3 different colored liquid filled glasses to make you thoughtful whether to sip them or lick them.

Frozen 3D Wallpaper is created by MehranMo.

License : Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Resolutions included in the Frozen 3D Wallpaper download:

1680×1050 pixels; resize as needed.

Something from the artist :

“The title (Black Betty) is very relevant. It simply requires some thought process and some trivia knowledge.

3 different realflow scenes used to make the fluids. The background was done using IES profiled photometric floodlights. One huge super white cube used to get the reflections. Sampling set to 4/256 and contrast at 0.004. However, FG accuracy was not high at all.”

Preview Frozen 3D Wallpaper, Download Frozen 3D Wallpaper

It is a JPG download, the file is 756 KB in size.

Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons : WinEight

Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons is very nice looking Dock for Windows with function to extend the shortcuts. Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons will look great if you can use along with the supplied Wallpaper.

To know more, please visit at: Elegant Blue Dock With Matching Icons : WinEight

Cherry Wallpaper for Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone

Cherry Wallpaper :

Cherry Wallpaper

Cherry is an excellent quality of cute little cherry blossom, jutting out of the tree trunk. Pretty cute, and the colours are interesting.

Original source: The Customize Windows

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