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All About Virtualization

All About Virtualization is a comprehensive article on various aspects of Virtualization, be it server or desktop as well as the associated terminologies. Unlike traditional systems, Server Virtualization directly related to the physical processor and the main memory of the host hardware. Simply video card, network adapter, hard disk controller and peripheral being emulated. There are some manufacturers can create the software to connect hardware directly to the virtual machine. In this case, users lose the mobility of the VM. This means that they are no longer in a position to move a VM to the current operation to a different host.Through the use of logical devices, a hardware independence is achieved.…

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Security in Virtualization

Security in Virtualization is important now but few years ago none thought, how this would become a complex technology and will require approach to security. We published an article on Virtualization Software and Security , Virtualization Software and Security in Virtualization has very close relationship to matain the secured chain from Physical layer to Software Layer.

Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is mainly targeted to run Bare Metal for OpenStack Private Cloud Software,but it will work for all. One user was asking in our YouTube Channel for OpenStack Swift Video guide, this first guide will probably help him. As for usage, we are slitting this guide Virtualization Software for Mac OS X in to two sub headers – Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is for those who will run OpenStack or DevStack and Virtualization Software for Mac OS X is intended for normal users who wants to run Windows 8, Windows 7, Ubuntu or any Operating System on their Mac OS X.

For this guide on Virtualization Software for Mac OS X to Run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, we are using our 15″ Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, Solid State Drive and 8 GB of RAM. This is the maximum possible hardware configuration for Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 15″ model. MacBook itself will not get that much heat as the whole body dissipates the heat, still it is better to use a colling pad to ensure the bottom of the Macbook pro is nicely off from the table to ensure rapid dissipation of heat. Solid State drive itself does not create a problem for running any Guest OS. Tailor the amount of RAM as per your need. For bare metal Ubuntu, as low as 512 MB of VRAM can run nicely, but for Bare Metal for OpenStack or rather DevStack, you will need more RAM. Do not allocate in a way so that your Mac has less than 2 GB RAM.

There is a Windows Utility, which we wrote in our guide Virtual Machine From Physical Machine Using Disk2VHD; you can exactly ‘copy’ your Windows and run on Mac OS X. Microsoft’s insane licensing policy however prohibits to run Windows as VM with one license, you can not run Windows on any Virtualization Software legally without purchasing the backseat for your car, same is for their OEM version.

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How the security can maintained on servers using Virtualization Software

Virtualization Software and Security has very close relationship. Here are some important points on Virtualization Software.

How the security can maintained on servers using Virtualization Software

The Security of Virtualization Software, mainly based on XenServer,�we can make classify the ways in to 3 levels :

Access to the administration

Remote Disk Access

External network access

Details on the points of Virtualization Software and Security

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