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Cloud Computing : Your Concerns and Thoughts of Richard Stallman

Cloud Computing as terminology raises the eyebrows of some users who are associated with academics and computing for many years. There are certain reasons for publishing this article. Few days ago, one of our follower on Google Plus raised an important point – that is the security points of Cloud Computing. Definitely, security is a concern; but there are other concerns as well. Basically these points are written many a times. Our view on Cloud Computing is – Lick the honey, but do not chew the spoon. That definitely needs quite good knowledge about Computing itself. Keep in mind – science is always free; there is no copyright for any remarkable Law or Hypothesis associated with science.

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Piezoresistive Sensor : How They Works

Piezoresistive sensor is semiconductor sensor made of silicon. The resistive material is on a thin silicon membrane which on Pressure changes shows the value. So two terminologies needs to be explained – first is Sensor. We have about the sensor in our previous article named Sensor in Technology and Nature. We are not going in to details of Sensor in this article on Piezoresistive sensor. The terminology Piezoresistive is derived from combination of two words – Piezo and Resistive. Piezo is a Greek word and stands for pressure. Piezoresistive sensor changes resistivity due to force on it. These sensors are also known as piezoresistors.…

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