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VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox for Mac ?

VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox both are virtualization softwares. First is a paid software and second one is a Free Software. Which one is right for your Mac ? It is not that a Free software is of worse quality than a paid software and also the reverse is true – not all fields have enough good free softwares or a minimally paid software works great.…

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Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud grows from knowledge of the intelligent crowd. Finding critical vulnerabilities, controlling spam can solve problems faster than before. Previously we published two critical articles in the series of Security in the Cloud; first one is Visibility and Control of Security in the Cloud and The Divided Responsibilities in Security in the Cloud. Here is another important article on the same series – Security in the Cloud, it is more bold and more obvious.

SaaS (Software as a Service ) are now often referred to as the Security Service offer, particularly to the small and medium enterprises as it inherits the capabilities to ensure security without a lot of professionals and sophisticated infrastructure. We, however, were forced to keep the concept of pure security appliances – the offer in the security of the cloud is restricted from many providers despite full expressions.

Security in the Cloud begins with Anti-spam and security for the mail

In own company no installation or maintenance and care of the security solution is required; but the dangerous files and the mail softwares receiving incriminating spam messages are not only limited in its own network. By using certified data centers and Service Level Agreement (SLA), a secure e-mail operation is possible; additional modules such as an e-mail archiving provide additional benefits when it comes to compliance. Companies using such a security solution from the cloud must be able to trust the seller. This can be regulated by SLA. In addition, here; as opposed to a fully hosted email solution such as those in Microsoft Office 365 offers – only the selected security services are operated in the cloud. Additional modules such as virus protection and e-mail firewall offers other security services that can also be managed through a web interface.

Security in the Cloud and Secure storage in the cloud

Those who uses the software like of Dropbox , Google Drive and Skydrive, must keep an critical eye open. Although the vendors promise unison to keep the data safe and often they also offer an encrypted connection to its servers for secure storage but these are not sufficient. To exchange data within organizations and workgroups were made ​​popular by Dropbox, it is popular because of the independence of location and platform and almost a kind of informal standard.

The provider of the solution must have the full confidence of users – also with regard to the continuity of the service. In a short practical test, it can be convinced that the solution can be managed easily via the web interface.

Software Update is important

It is a good idea for users in the SME environment to offer a simple solution to the patch and update reliably, it regulates the direct connection with the anti-virus client software. Important points are – Automated updates of operating systems and applications, Distinction between highly-critical, critical and non-critical updates.

Using only the reputed services

Everyone knows that a reputed band, although never fully protects; but to keep their brand value, at least invests the effort more than the others. Unfortunately, many companies still misses the protection of social media applications. They are by very principle, designed to be independent from the terminal and most completely work on cloud. The more difficult it becomes to find and use the appropriate safety measures. Blocking connectivity to Facebook, Twitter and various Google applications can not be a long term solution.

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Solarwinds Virtualization Manager

Solarwinds Virtualization Manager is one of the remarkable software among their network, applications, virtualization and storage management softwares. Solarwinds Virtualization Manager is a product, which came out when Solarwinds acquired a company called Hyper9 in January 2011. It is a heterogenous Virtualization monitoring tool which can allow to monitor and manage VMs like by VMware as well as Microsoft Hyper-V.…

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DIY RAID : Organize Multiple Physical Hard Drives

DIY RAID allows a higher data availability in case of failure of individual hard drives at cheap cost,as an practical implementation of Storage Virtualization. Previous we wrote the theoretical aspect of about RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks.

DIY RAID : Practical Aspects

For redundancy of your DIY RAID setup, at least two hard disks will be needed and at minimum one RAID 1 mirror will be needed. Apart from paid softwares, Linux LVM like software based RAID solution adds of flexibility to handle volumes. Physical cards are expensive but the real setup.

RAID 5 is most commonly used for various reasons. You have to define your need from your DIY RAID.
On Board board SATA RAID controllers in terms of stability are cheap substitutes and might put your data in a complicated situation. However full optimal setup for DIY RAID will actually will make the DIY Raid Project quite costly, indeed.

  • Hard drives
  • SATA cables
  • RAID controller (if are not satisfied with software based solution)
  • Housing
  • Cooling unit
  • Separate Power Backup Supply, if needed

The needed setup will be found on fully dedicated DIY Hardware enthusiast forums, there are many complicated steps anyone will face. SATA HDD RAID enclosures are available too from various brands with variable quality. If you already have one or two hard disks, for your DIY RAID project SATA HDD RAID enclosures can be very easy solution as practically you will need to simply insert the hard disks.

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What is a Cooperative Virtual Machine (CVP)

The concept of a Cooperative Virtual Machine  can be understood in this way – traditional virtualization solutions such as from VMware or Xen are unprivileged and therefore are under the complete control of the host system but in Cooperative Virtual Machine the core processes of both the operating systems independently run.

Advantage of this approach is to achieve a good performance with relatively less development time. The disadvantage is that, instabilities and vulnerabilities of the guest system to the host system. In case of crashes on traditional virtualization solution, from the host system it can be stopped and restarted. A Cooperative Virtual Machine can also crash the host system. Because of its deep integration in the host system Cooperative Virtual Machine run with administrator privileges and has also the probability of malicious softwares in the guest to get full access to the host system. – read more

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List of Open Source Wiki Softwares Based on PHP MySQL

List of Open Source Wiki Softwares Based on PHP MySQL shows some free yet powerful Wiki softwares for you for Business, Educational, Personal or for marketing.

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List of Open Source Wiki Softwares Based on PHP MySQL

List of Open Source Forum Softwares Based on PHP MySQL

List of Open Source PHP MySQL Based E-Commerce Softwares

List of Open Source PHP MySQL Based Blogging Softwares

List of Open Source Project Management Softwares Based on PHP MySQL

Wiki and Wiki Softwares

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