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What You Need to Know About Cloud

What You Need to Know About Cloud – How Much is Enough for your purpose ? One must know the essentials in order to ensure security on social websites, for example. Private cloud, personal cloud, public cloud. What is really behind the concepts around the cloud ? Not all users actually needs to go too deeper, just an overall idea actually can protect from various exploits – be it by the hackers or by the service providers as a part of marketing gimmick. What You Need to Know About Cloud is actually not huge for an average user.

Cloud, Private cloud, Public cloud, Personal cloud

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Backup Solutions and Public Cloud

Backup Solutions on Public Cloud and disaster recovery are increasing being incorporated into cloud offerings, most of the time free or in freemium model. A grandfather styled question comes in the mind – is everything becoming so cheap that, Backup Solutions and disaster recovery can be offered for free of cost with quite good set of features ? Grandfathers ask because they has been made fool many a times in life. They ask, is Microwave Oven is really safe ? Will not it create any problem in health ? You smart answer few years ago, in Advertising style was – “Come on! Its fully safe!”, just out of fun of buying a new gadget. But ultimately it is becoming apparent that, Microwave oven is not only unsafe for health, it has the potentiality to be dangerous. So eventually these Backup Solutions on Public Cloudand disaster recovery, which are mostly free; invites obvious prototype questions.…

Types of Cloud : Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Types of Cloud is an easy to understand article on Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud with brief description of each types divided in this way. In the previous article – Cloud Computing Service Models and Deployment, which is basically another approach to classify the types of Cloud, we just touched the topic on Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud without going in to much details.…

Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Ubuntu Cloud and Juju : What the heck you are saying about ?

Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack, Ubuntu Cloud and Juju can be used to setup your own Private Cloud or a Public Cloud. This is a preface article on Rackspace and Juju. A bit off-topic but its quite interesting fact Juju in Bengali language is an arbitrary monster, the name word Juju is still used to control nagging children by the mothers. But it is definite that Rackspace with Open Stack and Ubuntu Cloud with Juju, has definitely showing and shown the real Juju (the Bengali meaning) to Microsoft. It is a matter of fact, Ubuntu is now most used guest OS on Rackspace, Amazon, HP and Windows Azure as Official Ubuntu Cloud Guests.

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