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AppFog Cloud PaaS CLI : Getting Started Guide

AppFog Cloud PaaS is quite popular both for free quota to host websites and applications as well as the flexible platform they delivers at an affordable price. AppFog is a multi IaaS enabled platform as a service. That gives AppFog more flexibility than Heroku Cloud or OpenShift. The biggest advantage of Heroku definitely the free SSL. However, SSL is not required by all. With a website running WordPress with ~ 300 visitors per day will run quite fine for free on AppFog Cloud PaaS. Previous guide on AppFog was on installing WordPress through GUI. This is an introductory article on the command line interface of AppFog. This is a text based guide, we will later publish video tutorials on AppFog. For some, AppFog can be a better alternative to Rackspace Cloud Server (unmanaged) for reduction of cost, though it is a PaaS not IaaS; direct comparison from technical point is not right.

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Red Hat OpenShift PaaS : Configuring your computer

We hope you have upgraded from Windows to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. If you are still using Windows with some false hope, you have to follow this guide and all the hyperlinked guides for the setup. Cursing Microsoft has real threats, you can watch it later :

Or read it :

Any way, the main thing is about Red Hat OpenShift PaaS. Everything is written nicely on their official website :

Ultimate thing is, you have to either directly use that shortcut in console (the screen shot, not the literal meaning of console) to create App or Environment, for WordPress like CMS, that is the final step. But in other cases, as usually you need to use git to deploy your App.

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Example of Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing

Example of Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing can be Heroku Cloud which is Debian based platform supporting Ruby, Java, Node.js,Scala,Clojure, Python,PHP. Previously we published a detailed article on Platform as a Service (PaaS) and this article, Example of Platform as a Service in Cloud Computingcan bridge the gap of theory and our practical guides on Heroko Cloud.

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