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Dropbox API and Cloud Apps

Dropbox API was introduced in 2012 as a new API that allows the app developers to connect to mobile applications for iOS and Android with Dropbox cloud storage. Previously we discussed the current importance of API, Cloud Computing and Mobile devices. Dropbox always thinks in a different way than their competitors. This new Dropbox API was an way so that the Apps can access to the remotely stored data as if they were locally available.…

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Big Data : Companies are Increasingly Demanding

Big Data will reach revenues of close to $34 billion of IT spending in 2013, this what Gartner is predicting. Which on the basis of their analysis of the global market which is increasingly interested in cloud computing and its applications including servers, storage, networking, software and services. Previously we wrote about the relationship of Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices and Big Data and this is a kind of analytical article on Big Data.…

Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices

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External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer

External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer are needed for charging Mobile devices while preserving Laptop’s battery and increasing number of ports. Previously we wrote about simple USB hub without any external Power supply. External Powered USB hub can operate without the computer or laptop as well with the laptop or computer for charging purpose. For data transfer, it will obviously need the computer or laptop to be connected.…

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