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Make Money Online from Blogging

Do not worry. You need not to be a computer whiz to make money online from blogging. What you need to do is perseverance. This is what sets the winners apart from the losers. You can be one of those winners by following these five steps. Take them in order and do not skip a step and you will succeed. Once you have one small success under your belt, learn from it, and replicate it. This is how you will be growing your online blogging empire! You can do it.

5 steps to make money from blogging

Set up a blogging account

You have websites out there like and where you can set up an account and blog to your heart’s content. The two we just listed are free to use. But do make sure to read their terms of use. We know that does not allow affiliate Clickbank links to be placed on any of their blogs.

Of course, there are other blogging platforms out there, but those two are the most popular. Look around and choose one that fits your style and one that allows you to monetize it.

If you are serious and sure that you can drag your blogging for years after years, then you need a bit investment in terms of buying a domain name, renting a server and installing WordPress blogging platform (which is of course free and distributed through You can read our two articles on how to choose domain nice names and why you should prefer a .com extension over other extensions.

Research what people are interested about online

The best place to start is with keyword research. You can use Google’s external keyword research tool to find out what people are looking for when searching Google. This will give you a wealth of information! Learn to read in between the words. Every term is a question someone has. Try to figure out what that is.

Write content for your intended audience

You can also visit forums where your audience hangs out to find out what they are talking about and any issues they have. Once you know what is on their mind, give it to them. Give them good information and do not try to force a sale.

Remember that blogs are for information and not for selling. Do not let this trip you up. You might be surprised that a good informational article can do a better at selling than an actual sales does. Think about when you read about this wonderful product that so and so found and it helped you tremendously. Did not you want to know more about what it was to find out if it would work for you? Exactly! This is what you want to accomplish with your blogs. Give them useful information and make them thirst for more!

Find or make products that solve the problems of your audience

If you find that many people need a solution for a certain problem, write it down and start looking for products out there that solve their particular problem. If you do not find one, think about creating your own. This is the key to success. We can give a bunch of suggestion right now. A lot of people are interested about handicrafts, embroidery and gardening. There is really no full SEO optimized competitor blogs in these fields at the time of writing this article. Show people how to weave a nice table cloth for the next Christmas present for her near and dear ones. How you will represent it, it is up to your plan! Later, after a year, you will see you have gathered around 200 or more such tutorials. You can publish and market a book from that. This is double bonanza. Who will read your book will come to your site and who will read your site will read or buy the book. We already have solution for that idea too, you can read it.

Put affiliate links or advertisements on your blog

Once you have found a product, you can do an Internet search for (the product + affiliate) to see if they have an affiliate program you can join. With affiliate links, you will be making a percentage of commission every time someone that you sent over makes a sale. Note that, that company must be of your choice and well reputed. Do not push rubbish products, that might give you instant benefit, but in long term, people will go away from you.

Now, we are coming to indirect advertisements, such as we have in this page. There are several measurements like Pay per click, Cost per impression etc. Practically, you need a good number of pageviews and visitors to see any monetary gain. To us, it is about 1000+ pageviews with around 500 visitors, which really started to show the cents.

This is the last step and it is the step that will make you money. You would not get just one payday, but several. This is what is called passive income. What you have just created will continue to work for you until the day you decide to take it down. Can you see the potential? If you continue to grow, the bigger your income can get. The numbers that you might see other Internet marketers spewing is not just a dream, but it is a reality. We have written many times, again writing it : you must write unique articles. Unique means, simply do not copy paste from other sites. Thats it.

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