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Cloud Computing India : Legal, Governmental and Social Scenario

Cloud Computing IndiaRIM, Apple and Nokia are in favor of the Indian TANCS program (Tactical Cellular Network for Surveillance) and CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) has agreements for interception of mobile phone and data traffic in India. In early 2011 respected Indian Government tried to pass bill with history of previous failed attempts to establish a law on privacy, which was quite important for this topic Cloud Computing India. Kindly check if there is any update as we have not much knowledge on Law.

Probably you have heard of the existence of Lords of Dharmaraja. Lords of Dharmaraja is the name of a well mentionable hacker group operating in India. They are quite efficacious, they compromised Symantec’s products and threatened to publish the entire source code a Symantec’s product during hacking the servers of India’s Military Intelligence.

If you have started to sweat after reading this article on Cloud Computing India, there are more to add. As India has a growing GDP, it has always been a target by the terrorists. Do not underestimate the terrorist attacks – simply search in Google with “Mumbai terrorist attacks” (without quotation marks) and you will discover and later understand that,  Privacy issues of Cloud Computing India probably nothing than to imagine the whole datacenter is flipped by Bombs, practically you will have to suck your thumbs.

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