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Types of Cloud : Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Types of Cloud is an easy to understand article on Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud with brief description of each types divided in this way. In the previous article – Cloud Computing Service Models and Deployment, which is basically another approach to classify the types of Cloud, we just touched the topic on Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud without going in to much details.…


Hybrid Cloud : When Latency Becomes A Big Question

Hybrid environments might appear logically consistent, but the architecture should necessarily be taken into account is the underlying physical reality. Hybrid Cloud itself not being that much talked about topic itself and the tit bits can make the user to face more practical never calculated issues than Private Cloud. Previously we published basic information providing articles like Basics about Hybrid Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud Computing in Depth. Today, in this article we will discuss about a fully different aspect of this Hybrid Cloud structure.

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