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How to choose a browser ?

The principle of the browsers

A browser is a software that allows you to view websites through HTTP by typing the addresses. It display pages by interpreting a markup language: XHTML. The appearance of a site may be different from one browser to another as this interpretation is not always the same due to non-compliance.

How to choose a browser?

A good browser should first have a clear interface providing easy access to priority functions. For example, it is important to have an input box to type directly searches.
Another criterion is the possibility of using extensions. Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer all allows to install extensions that add functionality.
Must load and display the pages fast.
It is also important that the browser best meets the standards imposed by the W3C which is not in case of Internet Explorer for example.

The strengths of the most popular browsers

The browser that best meets these criteria is Mozilla Firefox. It has a well thought out interface with a tab system. It displays the page is fast and you can add extensions. It receives updates very fast too.

Another browser is still widely used Internet Explorer because it is installed by default on Windows systems, except in European countries.

Opera is very good browser though little used. It has a nice interface and has the advantage of being in possession of a BitTorrent client default. It has default RSS feed reader. Opera has excellent completely transparent glass look Aero skin that fits well with Windows 7.

Google Chrome is the newest browser. Its strong point is to be lightweight and have a fast display. It contains only the bare minimum that may be suitable for most users who do not use RSS and other advanced features.

Apple’s Safari is another nice browser, it has clean and innovative top sites and bookmarked sites page. Has default RSS feed reader.

It may be noted that all these browsers now has tab browsing.

To summarize:

The lets you view Web sites.
Firefox is currently one of the best browsers, combining speed, security and good interface.
The scalability is important because it allows you to customize the browser as needed.

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