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External Hard Drive Not Recognized : Pointing Towards the Solution

External Hard Drive Not Recognized is a quite common situation faced by many users. People blame the Operating System, scratch own heads but problem persists. It is sad that, the hardware manufacturers actually provides no direct open way to contact them or ask in some way. So, the sufferer with the brick (read External Hard Drive), searches and searches on Google Web Search, few get their External Hard Drive Not Recognized status to External Hard Drive Recognized status, but possibly its not that common as we all are busy, for less important data; the whole thing becomes a huge pain – fighting and killing and evening really do not help that much. There are various technical aspects to solve or throw it away.

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Central Processing Unit or CPU

Central Processing Unit or CPU is a machine or an electronic circuit, which controls commands entered through the machinery or electrical circuits. Processor is too broader terminology which actually covers Central Processing Unit too – we mentioned this in our article on basics how the “Processor” works – Central Processing Unit (CPU), CPU should be the preferred term over Processor.…

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Cheap Android Tablets and Apple iPad

You can not compare these Cheap Android Tablets with Apple iPad which costs 3-4 times more than these Cheap Android Tablets. Essentially both have a display, a motherboard, a processor, RAM, �chassis and other Hardware parts – compromise in something is quite obvious. Our motto is to highlight the good points and bad points of these Cheap Android Tablets.

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Dell Cloud Computing and Server Hardware

Dell Cloud Computing and Server Hardware are both present and future aspects of the brand. Dell is third in x86 server sales, behind IBM and HP. So, the all three bigger brands of Server Hardware – IBM, HP and Dell; although are the market leaders of the server hardware market are quite seriously interested in Cloud Computing with their own models. IBM practically has withdrawn their interest from consumer computer products, while HP and Dell usually employ third parties to assemble the parts for consumer grade computers. But the crap quality build of HP and Dell in consumer computer market is not even close to the quality of Servers. On the more costly higher computing products, IBM, HP and other less heard brands by the consumers rules. So Dell basically has a good market on x86 server, but Dell Cloud Computing is an interesting part for their and others’ business.…

External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer

External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer are needed for charging Mobile devices while preserving Laptop’s battery and increasing number of ports. Previously we wrote about simple USB hub without any external Power supply. External Powered USB hub can operate without the computer or laptop as well with the laptop or computer for charging purpose. For data transfer, it will obviously need the computer or laptop to be connected.…

Types of Server

Types of Server is for the classification of the or computers which runs the server program in the framework of client-server architecture. Technically we often address the running on these hardware as Server, i.e. Apache Web Server, which is actually the software which opens the way for the hardware or to serve the purpose. Types of Server, from various sense is difficult to classify in one unified classification.…

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Databases in the Cloud : An Abstract

Databases in the Cloud is an article where the concept as well as the various types and characteristics of cloud database provides a basic understanding of the technology. Databases in the Cloud is a reference article. For easy version of Databases in the Cloud, a regular user can read our previous article on Databases in the Cloud.…

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