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Limit Facebook Apps or Games Notifications : Video Guide

Limit Facebook Apps or Games Notifications to be shared only on your profile or two or multiple friend(s) as per your desire level is. Here is a comprehensive guide. This is one of the most important security point that must be properly configured, not only for the things you possible do not want to share publicly, it avoids various security issues. Most of the regular readers of this website, possibly can recall two important guides in this regard – one is How to Create a Custom Friend List in Facebook and another is the potential security risks Facebook never told you and some ways to fix them. Before we go through this guide on how to Limit Facebook Apps or Games Notifications, there are some important practical and theoretical points needed to be mentioned.…
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Create a Custom Friend List in Facebook

a Friend List in in to limit your post within your physically known particular group of real life friends for more over default. Facebook deliberately does not provide a straight forward url to manage your own friend list. It is normal that, most common Facebook will get confused with the official documentation and use their automated ‘smart list’. This smart list is smart for the advertisers not really for the . Facebook is not a mind reader that can add or your real friends. Here is how to Create a Custom Friend List in Facebook and Why to Create a Facebook Friendlist.…

Facebook Analytics for Your Website : Facebook Insights for Domains

Facebook Analytics can give you important information if you use Facebook Insights for Domains. It sounds easy, but difficult to configure with Load Balancer. Forget about SEO people, they are basically semi literate peoples works like robots. Our work is to use them like manual workers. But these custom high level API based integrations are out of their reach. Just ask them three basic Newton’s laws of motion. 99% will fail to say the Third Law. The UNIX experts will not come to help you, so ultimately you have fix it. The reason for this guide to Facebook Analytics for Your Website is for the webmasters who are using Cloud Servers with Load Balancers as well as those who are using various Asynchronous codes, modified the crap default Facebook Like button code for purification label by W3C.


Deploying a Facebook App With Heroku Cloud

Deploying a Facebook App With Heroku Cloud

Deploying a Facebook App With Heroku enables to run your custom Application on Facebook. Its looks tough at first, but really not that difficult to work.

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