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Neuroprosthetics and Modeling of Neurons

Neuroprosthetics and Modeling of Neurons is the next generation thought to make the human life more better gathering the knowledge of Neuroscience, Computing. The term Neuroprosthetics lexically refers to the neural prostheses those interfaces between the nervous system and the connection to an electronic component to clinical applications and medical research. Two important related articles are Cyborg and DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons.

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Cloud computing as a Solution for Virtual Desktops and Applications

Cloud computing as a solution to the delivery of virtual desktops and applications in the corporate, academic and research purposes becoming more useful. In general, under the provision of cloud computing infrastructure, platforms and applications is understood to be services that are accessible via the Web. The provision is through special supplier. The resources are made available scalable, which means the user can can change resources according to his/her need. Which may be, for example, storage or processing power. Another example is user licenses for specific applications.

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DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons

DNA Computing is the application where replicated organic compounds like DNA, RNA are used instead of traditional inorganic chips for parallel computing. Richard Feynman the founder of

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