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Central Processing Unit or CPU

Central Processing Unit or CPU is a machine or an electronic circuit, which controls commands entered through the machinery or electrical circuits. Processor is too broader terminology which actually covers Central Processing Unit too – we mentioned this in our article on basics how the “Processor” works – Central Processing Unit (CPU), CPU should be the preferred term over Processor.…

Central Processing Unit, Computer, Internet, Hardware

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What Artificial Intelligence Can Do?

What  actually can do ? Is it possible to exactly replicate in the way a professional skilled human can work ? These are usual questions what the general people usually think, ask and search for. Before going to answer the question, What Artificial Intelligence actually can do, we need to understand what our mind can perform and what a  (in broader sense) is capable to do.

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Opera 11.10 RC4 Beta alias Barracuda : review

Opera is always innovative and comprehensive browser which stands out as a reference. Its speed, its many features, interface and now the arrival of extensions and highlighting its strengths could make him win market share with the public. To discover them, you will not regret it!

“Barracuda” is also the code name of the upcoming 11.10 version of the Opera browser. This is the first of a series of Opera versions where each one will have an associated code name.


Opera runs on a variety of personal computer operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. Editions of Opera are available for devices using the Maemo, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, and operating systems, as well as Java ME-enabled devices. Approximately 120 million mobile phones have been shipped with Opera. Opera is the only commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS and Wii gaming systems. Some television set-top boxes use Opera. Adobe Systems has licensed Opera technology for use in the Adobe Creative Suite.

The free Opera browser and platform is still required as a reference in a highly competitive field. As teams of Google Chrome , , Internet Explorer and Safari, the Norwegian Opera Software focuses on the integration of web standards, optimizing the loading of pages, the browser and of course modernization of the interface more simple and ergonomic.  Noteworty to mention Håkon Wium Lie, chief technical officer of the Opera Software company is also the co-creator of the CSS web standard.

However, Opera is still characterized by the integration of many ideas and innovations such as the ‘Turbo’ to compress pages to speed up their display on the small connections and make savings on 3G packages, “Opera Unite “offering the possibility of transforming the browser server to share multimedia content or hosting a forum. It is also a manager of e-mails, customer BitTorrent , the management of HTML 5 video tag and SVG filter modules of content and changing the style CSS and many personalization features like complete themes, widgets and Now extensions.

What is new in Opera Barracuda

This new version introduces support long-awaited extensions developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, the Norwegian browser will finally have an official library and an integrated real extension manager. Based on the W3C specifications, these extensions can be quickly ported to, but also imported from Google Chrome and Safari browsers which share the same technology. They can be quickly installed, configured,Opera barracuda uninstalled without restarting the browser and will have a graphical interface, will in the background and can be deactivated with a click when viewing secure sites through an HTTPS connection.

On ergonomics aside, we note the arrival of an evolution in the management of the tabs. It is now possible to overlay multiple tabs by simply dragging and dropping. We may collect and separate double clicking on it, but also display fast previews of each tab, flying over this new item with the mouse cursor. The aim is obviously to facilitate the management of many native open tabs, but also saves space on the screen. The manager of integrated mail advantage of some improvements. In addition to correcting bugs in the traditional past, the client is faster and scroll bars have been redesigned. Managing saved queries and filters are now combined in a section called “Labels”. Fields of research has been simplified and in turn will create a sort rule from a simple query. Finally, we note a support still further web standards, optimizing the JavaScript engine as well as the prominence of mouse shortcuts.

Webmasters: Providing tailored content in your Speed Dial entry

There are a few new ways to provide tailored content and styling to Speed Dial entries for your own website: view-mode:minimized in CSS, the X-Purpose HTTP header, and autoreloading. You will get the needed source code from Opera team here.

Using Apache mod_rewrite to redirect all Speed Dial requests for any URL for your website

You can create a  custom html document and use apache’s mod_rewrite to provide unique and custom speed dial entry. The needed code is:

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RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing

RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing is a type of design of Central Processing Unit which are generally used in microprocessors or microcontrollers. After our article on ARM Architecture, it appeared to us that; there are quite good number of readers who are interested in the topics of core computing. Practically, the in last two decades; the computing on commercial side, created a kind of new users. We can not blame this segment of new users, they actually has been injected the buzz of Giga Hertz clock speed, instead of knowing what we need and what is enough for our usage. Before reading this article on RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing; those who are newer to computing (using computers after 1990), consider to read the article on Microcomputer.…

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Free Tools For Cloud Security

Free Tools For Cloud Security are to check the security in cloud environments for free, so that the users need not to pay for the expensive suites. The number of security and management solutions for cloud computing environments has increased in recent months, almost explosively. Free Tools For Cloud Security lists some better offer for free of cost.

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Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud ?

Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud ? We are representing here few popular systems and highlighting especially the security aspects of the Public Cloud services. There is actually nothing new to be said in this article on Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud, we talked about Cloud Computing Security within this website many a times, still there are things which will be said in this article named Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud, with practical examples with usage.

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Types of Server

Types of Server is for the classification of the or computers which runs the server program in the framework of client-server architecture. Technically we often address the running on these hardware as Server, i.e. Apache Web Server, which is actually the software which opens the way for the hardware or to serve the purpose. Types of Server, from various sense is difficult to classify in one unified classification.…

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Creating WordPress Virtual Appliance Guide Video

Creating  Virtual Appliance can be easy if you just want basic WordPress Virtual Appliance to run test version or backup copy on any . Definitely, the computer you will want to run this WordPress must support .

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Managing Many git Repositories on Computer : GitHub, Heroku Cloud

Managing Many Git Repositories on  can be quite pathetic if you are using lot of Cloud PaaS like AppFog, Heroku Cloud or you have lot of GitHub repo. GitHub has own tools but that is only for GitHub. This guide on Managing Many git Repositories is for them who already are advanced users or want to experiment in the  we pointed in previous guide on Easy Guide to Use Git.

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Internet Protocol Suite : Brief Details

Protocol Suite is a family of about 500 network protocols, it is the basis for the communication network running over the Internet. However outside these, there are other transport protocols.

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