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Sun and Cloud : The Story of Sun Cloud Computing

Sun Cloud was an on-demand Cloud computing service at one dollar per hour charge. The diversity and complexity of cloud in the past three years since that time. Sun Cloud was for enterprise grade resources over the Internet, enabling the developers, researchers, scientists and businesses to accelerate innovation without investment in IT infrastructure. Sun Cloud closed officially on a Sunday, on March 7, 2010. It has been 3 years since then.

Sun Cloud : Cloud computing makes no IT expertise superfluous

Experience shows that the companies whose executives intensively worked for the underlying technologies and not only for the cost aspects of cloud computing interest, usually successful in the implementation of the first initiatives and projects. So it turned out that CIOs and cloud project with a strong private development and technological know their administration teams and software developers much more likely to convince them of the new offerings.

Regarding the various cloud operating models, i.e. the manner in which the underlying IT infrastructure stacks are constructed and operated, the operational reality is at midnight’. So just medium and large enterprises only in parts – for example, for certain classes of workload – willing to share their computational power of public IaaS platforms. In general, there are clear requirements for managed environments, their SLAs are similar to those of the classic Enterprise hosting.

Sun Cloud is an Example that only Service level agreements do not protect against failures

However, the SLA deceives and also hide the fact that SLA per se is not a protection against failures and poor availability. You can compensate for only part of the costs incurred, and only the significant part of non-delivered IT infrastructure services. The hard costs of failure continue to the user.

SLAs play a central role, but it can be seen as a flag of credit, the importance of the cloud service provider is customer satisfaction and how much they relies on their excellence. We can recall our old writings on Sun Cloud Computing, but unfortunately, the service is closed forever.

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Cloud Computing for High-Performance Computing : Potential Field of Application

Cloud Computing for High-Performance Computing has been researched and tested by various individual and non-it universities as it is technological outsourcing. Cloud computing and information technology itself, such as change the understanding of IT as a service, is in use for a long term. Organizations relates the cloud computing as the possibility of rapid provisioning of IT processes which are flexible, scalable, on-demand as a service. Many start-ups and established organizations already use the dynamic processing power and storage capacity of the cloud, without having to make large investments. But what is the potential lies in the cloud services for complex, data-intensive calculations for science and research ? Can organizations use the services of commercial cloud providers for high-performance computing ? Particularly in HPC often complex and costly infrastructure are necessary. can we can replace it with a service ?
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Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (DSLM)

Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (DSLM) is a camera that often used to deceive the consumers with a DSLR look, it has interchangeable lenses like DSLR. This category appeared in 2008 and is expanding from early 2010s. The market is now occupied by the majority of manufacturers but primarily by Panasonic, Sony, Samsung – whose one of the primary area of business was manufacturing prosumer to professional grade video equipments.

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Free Tools For Cloud Security

Free Tools For Cloud Security are to check the security in cloud environments for free, so that the users need not to pay for the expensive suites. The number of security and management solutions for cloud computing environments has increased in recent months, almost explosively. Free Tools For Cloud Security lists some better offer for free of cost.

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Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud ?

Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud ? We are representing here few popular systems and highlighting especially the security aspects of the Public Cloud services. There is actually nothing new to be said in this article on Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud, we talked about Cloud Computing Security within this website many a times, still there are things which will be said in this article named Is Everything is Safe in the Cloud, with practical examples with usage.

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Cloud Computing and The Consequence of Employment in IT Sector

Cloud Computing and The Consequence of Employment in IT Sector is quite burning topic now as happened few decades back while mass introduction of Computers. With the transformation of business processes and the use of cloud computing solutions, there is a definite change in the requirements for the posts like IT manager. With more penetration of Cloud Computing, some of the individual job descriptions are eliminated altogether. In many industries, Human Resource as a Service, Everything as a Service are being introduced. All these factors making the employees or future employees terrified. Cloud Computing and The Consequence of Employment in IT Sector is a socially important topic, has basically little to do with Cloud Computing as technology itself.

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Backup Solutions and Public Cloud

Backup Solutions on Public Cloud and disaster recovery are increasing being incorporated into cloud offerings, most of the time free or in freemium model. A grandfather styled question comes in the mind – is everything becoming so cheap that, Backup Solutions and disaster recovery can be offered for free of cost with quite good set of features ? Grandfathers ask because they has been made fool many a times in life. They ask, is Microwave Oven is really safe ? Will not it create any problem in health ? You smart answer few years ago, in Advertising style was – “Come on! Its fully safe!”, just out of fun of buying a new gadget. But ultimately it is becoming apparent that, Microwave oven is not only unsafe for health, it has the potentiality to be dangerous. So eventually these Backup Solutions on Public Cloudand disaster recovery, which are mostly free; invites obvious prototype questions.…

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