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How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera

How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera is really a big issue to any level of user. Most Photography lovers tries to spend the maximum they can afford. This phenomenon is well known by both the online and real life sellers. This is often nicely exploited in real shops by their most efficient to push products sales person, who typically arrives as a third person to ‘help’ both you and the first sales person. In case of online shops the risks are more as an average user will do the action as the seller wants, in over 60% cases. As many of our regular subscribers of asks this question – How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera, this an article dedicated for really How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera.

How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera : The major wrongs most does

There are few things, which should never be bought from any online shop. This include the body and Lens (if applicable) of a Digital Camera. The major reason is, have sensitive components and can sustain injury which might not be apparent initially. Always try to buy a Digital Camera and its Lens from a reputed bigger shop. The hands on experience, checkup is very very important.

Second point is, everyone has a budget. The example of appearance of a  sales person, who typically arrives as a third person. These are kind of drama like setting to convince the most. Basically when you go to buy a remarkable thing in life, you loss some sense of judgment. They tries to get your approximate maximum budget which actually you might be hiding inside your mind, secondly they tries to judge your level of knowledge about the product.

How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera : The To Do List

Fisrt point for  How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera is, know about the Digital camera and Digital Photography first. If your need to buy a camera is an emergency, buy an entry level point and shoot camera. You can start from our section on Digital Photography, most important basic articles are already published, we always keep the articles to up to date. It will meaningless to tell you, do not buy an entry level DSLR, think trice, unless you yourself can judge the points.

Second point is already said, always buy a Digital Camera from a physical shop. It is not like buying a grocery item, it is quite sensitive and it is a big pain to get the money back or to get a replacement if you have received a compromised or defective product. You are not so busy that you can not visit 5-6 bigger shops within a month to get an idea.

Third point is, find a proper forum of your country on Digital Photography, people usually gives the feedback of a seller. Sometimes there are extra freebies given by a particular dealer.

Forth point is, never appear to the sales person as a noob. You truth or lie is, you do have a camera, you are buying this for parents or partner. Take a Tablet PC if possible to quickly check any question using our old good Google Search. This is important to know the batch data of a model. The shops will always push older stock.

Fifth point is typically for the consumers from India, India has quite high GDP and people buys stuffs on debit card or cash, not using credit card. There is a good chance to get more headache if the full is paid on spot. Try to buy with Easy Monthly Installment Scheme (EMI) – most sellers makes EMI like an bigger legal procedure as the EMI has the basic advantage despite paying the extra bucks as interest – If your product becomes faulty due to their problem, simply ask the help of a Lawyer (or ask in any Law Forum), how to complain as a consumer and how to legally stop paying the EMI. The material (camera) and money is also within your control.

Sixth point is bargaining. Not everyone is efficient at bargaining. This point of negotiation is also not possible to do in an online shop. Also in this sixth point, it is good to take a friend or relative with you who has good knowledge about Photography.
Seventh and Final point is quite important. Always ask the sales person to bring a new box pack. Do never allow them to open. Take the box package and check for any possible manipulation mark indicating prior opening. The shops usually opens from the bottom of the box package. Make it sure. Check the date of manufacturing, that should not be more than of 2 months. If you have doubt with the appearance, you can check on your Tablet PC. Keep the biggest point in mind – the shop owner and the sales person has more interest to sell than you have to buy.

This is all about How and Where From to Buy a Digital Camera.

Compact Digital Camera, Bridge Digital Camera, Megapixels in Digital Camera, Camera Buying Guide

Bridge Digital Camera

Bridge Digital Camera has the properties of DSLR and compact Digital cameras combined in terms of finishing, quality and features. If you are a beginner or searching to buy a digital camera, before reading this article on Bridge Digital Camera, it might be helpful for you to read our in depth articles on Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) and Compact Digital Camera. Bridge Digital Camera sometimes referred as Prosumer (Pro of Professional and Sumer of Consumer). A Bridge Digital Camera can make a newbie fool by appearing as a DSLR for its look.

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