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Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks can reveal some of your unknown or little known features than by default we usually use.We love or hate, TextEdit is a part of OS X and both and for unknown reasons think, the default text editor should be like they are, although TextEdit is many times better than default text editor named Notepad. Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks exists for that reason – it is far better than you actually know.…

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Cheap Android Tablets and Apple iPad

You can not compare these Cheap Android Tablets with Apple iPad which costs 3-4 times more than these Cheap Android Tablets. Essentially both have a display, a motherboard, a processor, RAM, �chassis and other Hardware parts – compromise in something is quite obvious. Our motto is to highlight the good points and bad points of these Cheap Android Tablets.

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External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer

External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer are needed for charging Mobile devices while preserving Laptop’s battery and increasing number of ports. Previously we wrote about simple USB hub without any external Power supply. External Powered USB hub can operate without the computer or laptop as well with the laptop or computer for charging purpose. For data transfer, it will obviously need the computer or laptop to be connected.…

Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Retina and Non Retina Excels At Quality

Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Retina and Non Retina Excels At Quality. New MacBook Pro 15 Inch is a powerhouse deigned for the professionals like a luxury sedan. 3-5 decades people used to buy a good typewriter and usually one typewriter served the major part of the professional life of a person.

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