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Cheap Android Tablets and Apple iPad

You can not compare these Cheap Android Tablets with Apple iPad which costs 3-4 times more than these Cheap Android Tablets. Essentially both have a display, a motherboard, a processor, RAM, �chassis and other Hardware parts – compromise in something is quite obvious. Our motto is to highlight the good points and bad points of these Cheap Android Tablets.

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Cheap Android Tablets – Know the Pros and Cons Before Buying

By the word Cheap Android Tablets, we mean the Android Tablets those are available within the range of $ 200 in U.S. or INR 10,000 in India. These are Cheap Android Tablets because their elder brothers like Samsung Android Tablets cost almost 2.5 times and iPad around 3-4 times.

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Dropbox API and Cloud Apps

Dropbox API was introduced in 2012 as a new API that allows the app developers to connect to mobile applications for iOS and Android with Dropbox cloud storage. Previously we discussed the current importance of API, Cloud Computing and Mobile devices. Dropbox always thinks in a different way than their competitors. This new Dropbox API was an way so that the Apps can access to the remotely stored data as if they were locally available.…

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Best First Person Shooter Games (FPS) for Android

Best First Person Shooter Games (FPS) for Android lists some amazing and entertaining 3D games for your Android Tablets and Android Smartphone. Although the specific hand-held gaming devices are known to deliver the best gaming experience, Android offering exciting adventures that can be considered as a opener of a new era of gaming on mobile phones.

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Play Streaming Video or Play Music on VLC Player From Dropbox

Play Streaming Video or Play Music on VLC on your , , Linux or any mobile computing device like ipad,,Android from Dropbox using simple trick. This to Play Streaming Video….

Android OS on PC or Mac : Run Using VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion

OS on or can be tested on VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion using an ISO of Android OS like Android 4.0 or a ready made virtual appliance. Other than , if your ’s processor…

Android OS on PC or Mac : Run Using VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion

Encrypt Files on Dropbox Cloud Guide

Encrypt on Dropbox Cloud to secure your personal files uploaded to Dropbox Cloud Storage. There is no need to learn coding. Simply follow this easy guide. Regular subscribers knows what is Encryption and Decryption – we published an article on Encryption and Decryption technology andRead more: Encrypt Files on Dropbox Cloud Guide

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