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How we have chosen these Best Android Apps for Birthday

Best Android Apps for Birthday features the right apps and widgets to send birthday greetings and set birthday reminders. The most prominent problem of Android Market Place is to find out the right App or Widget among so many Apps and Widgets. Furthermore, one have to install and check manually whether they works in the desired way or not. Best Android Apps for Birthday will help you to pinpoint some useful apps and widgets instantly. It is quite obvious, there might be some new apps added later and we miss an update, so whenever you are searching with the named apps or widgets from this list of best Android Apps for Birthday, always look for the related apps or widgets too.

How we have chosen these Best Android Apps for Birthday

While writing this post on Best Android Apps for Birthday, we have taken the following factors in to our consideration :

  • Capability of running on an average Android device
  • Quality of coding
  • System resource consumption
  • Ease of usage
  • Frequency of update

You can type or copy any name of the apps listed in this list of Best Android Apps for Birthday and search it in Android Market Place using the Search function.

List of Best Android Apps for Birthday

EboBirthday : Maintain birthdays and anniversaries. It is a very advanced app which can synced with the contacts’ notes and grab birthday data from Windows Mobile, Facebook, CSV, Phonebook,
Easy Birthday Reminders (FREE) : It is an Birthday reminder widget.

Birthday Calendar : A widget with a digital clock and a calendar. Birthdays marked on the calendar. A widget (4×1) with a digital clock and a calendar (also available 3×1 with a calendar only).
Birthday Postcards : Lovely postcards, weekly updates – pick from lots of carefully selected birthday pictures, add your text, and send via MMS, e-mail and more.
Birthday Countdown Widget : Countdown to birthdays in special ways such as: “After 480 roses”.
Zero Calorie Cupcake : Make someone’s day with a Zero Calorie Cupcake. Have fun designing your own in seconds!

We hope that you have got the right App or Widget you were searching for in this list of best Android Apps for Birthday

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What is the Best Android Tablet : An Introduction

What is the Best Android Tablet available to you that suits both your need, budget and has robust features and good quality hardware inside ? We are quite sure, this article and Guide What is the Best Android Tablet will help any level of user with any budget, with any number of required features fully satisfied because unlike hundreds of published articles here and there to ‘help’ users to choose What is the Best Android Tablet has many bias and confuse the users.

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Please read more-

What is the Best Android Tablet : An Introduction

What is Android Apps?

Most people searches for very simple things, you will notice that the basic posts are more popular than core computing articles. What is Android Apps is such an aptly not answered question. Most new Android users do not want to What is Android SDK but What is Android Apps – they have no idea about what is Android Apps and we, standing in the middle of the developers cum sellers and these very honest group of keen learners who are asking that what is Android Apps, need to answer the question in plain English.

What is Android Apps?

Android Apps are programs like those you install on your computer. These Android Apps give us some extra specific features which were not present when you purchased the set. These have apk extension like the Windows programs have .exe, .msi extensions.

Understood what is Android Apps, tell me more!

As you were interested to know what Android Apps is, you might be interested to read about a comparison with similar kind of Mobile OS named Symbian. Some of these Android Apps are free (may or may not have Ads) and some paid. You must be aware that, some bad developer can push “codes” inside some Android apps which can steal your information. So, do not install relatively unknown or less voted apps.

What is Android Apps download place?

Officially you can download from Market place. Market place is itself an app and come with your set with an shopping bag icon –

You can go there and search with what you want. Select it and install.

What is Android Apps download place other than official Market place?

Google does not allow some Chinese sets to download apps from the Market place. There are lots of good blogs, forums where from you can download them. Also, we are launching a dedicated website which will list and allow all users to download the free Android Apps, wallpapers etc. The name is very easy to remember – Android Apps Free Download or just click here.

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