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Customize Windows With XWIdget – Widget For Windows 7, Windows 8

Customize Windows With , one of the best widget currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can add  widgets as well as dock with xWidget.

This free  to Customize Windows is developed and distributed by XWidget .

Details of this XWidget, the next generation tool to Customize Windows 7 and Windows 8:

This xWidget to Customize Windows actually works like a platform to use several elements like Desktop Widgets and Docks. xWidget provides an editor to edit or create these widgets. You can go to the official website from the above link to see all the available apps.
After downloading, simply  it. If you need help, kindly visit the official website for documentation.

We have posted another nice Widget tool like Kludget, using which you can run any real Mac widgets on Windows 7.

 XWidget to get the idea how you can Customize Windows

Download XWidget to Customize Windows

It is a exe download, the file is 6.9 MB in size.

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks

Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks can reveal some of your unknown or little known features than by default we usually use.We love or hate, TextEdit is a part of OS X and both and for unknown reasons think, the default text editor should be like they are, although TextEdit is many times better than default text editor named Notepad. Mac TextEdit Tips and Tricks exists for that reason – it is far better than you actually know.…

Computer and Internet, Tips and Tricks, Mac TextEdit Tips

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Opera 11.10 RC4 Beta alias Barracuda : review

Opera is always innovative and comprehensive browser which stands out as a reference. Its speed, its many features, interface and now the arrival of extensions and highlighting its strengths could make him win market share with the public. To discover them, you will not regret it!

“Barracuda” is also the code name of the upcoming 11.10 version of the Opera browser. This is the first of a series of Opera versions where each one will have an associated code name.


Opera runs on a variety of personal computer operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. Editions of Opera are available for devices using the Maemo, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, and operating systems, as well as Java ME-enabled devices. Approximately 120 million mobile phones have been shipped with Opera. Opera is the only commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS and Wii gaming systems. Some television set-top boxes use Opera. Adobe Systems has licensed Opera technology for use in the Adobe Creative Suite.

The free Opera browser and platform is still required as a reference in a highly competitive field. As teams of Google Chrome , , Internet Explorer and Safari, the Norwegian Opera Software focuses on the integration of web standards, optimizing the loading of pages, the browser and of course modernization of the interface more simple and ergonomic.  Noteworty to mention Håkon Wium Lie, chief technical officer of the Opera Software company is also the co-creator of the CSS web standard.

However, Opera is still characterized by the integration of many ideas and innovations such as the ‘Turbo’ to compress pages to speed up their display on the small connections and make savings on 3G packages, “Opera Unite “offering the possibility of transforming the browser server to share multimedia content or hosting a forum. It is also a manager of e-mails, customer BitTorrent , the management of HTML 5 video tag and SVG filter modules of content and changing the style CSS and many personalization features like complete themes, widgets and Now extensions.

What is new in Opera Barracuda

This new version introduces support long-awaited extensions developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, the Norwegian browser will finally have an official library and an integrated real extension manager. Based on the W3C specifications, these extensions can be quickly ported to, but also imported from Google Chrome and Safari browsers which share the same technology. They can be quickly installed, configured,Opera barracuda uninstalled without restarting the browser and will have a graphical interface, will in the background and can be deactivated with a click when viewing secure sites through an HTTPS connection.

On ergonomics aside, we note the arrival of an evolution in the management of the tabs. It is now possible to overlay multiple tabs by simply dragging and dropping. We may collect and separate double clicking on it, but also display fast previews of each tab, flying over this new item with the mouse cursor. The aim is obviously to facilitate the management of many native open tabs, but also saves space on the screen. The manager of integrated mail advantage of some improvements. In addition to correcting bugs in the traditional past, the client is faster and scroll bars have been redesigned. Managing saved queries and filters are now combined in a section called “Labels”. Fields of research has been simplified and in turn will create a sort rule from a simple query. Finally, we note a support still further web standards, optimizing the JavaScript engine as well as the prominence of mouse shortcuts.

Webmasters: Providing tailored content in your Speed Dial entry

There are a few new ways to provide tailored content and styling to Speed Dial entries for your own website: view-mode:minimized in CSS, the X-Purpose HTTP header, and autoreloading. You will get the needed source code from Opera team here.

Using Apache mod_rewrite to redirect all Speed Dial requests for any URL for your website

You can create a  custom html document and use apache’s mod_rewrite to provide unique and custom speed dial entry. The needed code is:

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Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS : Basics

Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS is a practical, robust and clean way to keep your development or backup of WordPress organized. Previously we published a guide on how to run WordPress Virtual Appliance to get all the features of a typical localhost installation. Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS is a frank more basic way to run WordPress on localhost without installing WordPress, which avoids various difficult terminologies which a new WordPress User, might not be used with.

The Reasons Why One Will Think for Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS

The very first question that will come on anyone’s mind is – Why we will opt for Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS, when various solutions for installing WordPress on localhost is available. The major reason is; we need not to have install the server components on our Mac, Windows or Linux PC. That means, we do not have to think about whether any unnecessary process or daemon is / are running while we are actually not using WordPress. Another point is security. As the port 80 becomes open; i.e. accessible to anyone publicly over Internet with the static IP or IP range, it is actually a security risk, as we are actually not using a server, there are files, folders and information which needs more care than a server.

Although the security needed is more for Windows OS than OS X, FreeBSD or Linux; it is great idea to use this method whenever possible. Third point is, you can keep the installations version wise separate by saving the image files with different names. For development, this is a great feature, indeed.

Installing WordPress via localhost Virtualization on Guest OS : Steps

There is a free and good software for running any guest on via Virtualization on your virtualization enabled processor. Most newer Macs satisfies this criteria. The software is VirtualBox :

You are running the Host Operating System, so download the version according to your Operating System. Install it normally like a software. Download Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS preferred for now, obviously you can use 12.10 or higher) :

It is an iso image of desktop version of Ubuntu Linux. Watch this video on how to run Ubuntu using VirtualBox :

Although this is shown on Mac, the basic thing is same for any Operating System. So, this part is done. Now you have to make your Ubuntu running inside VirtualBox running WordPress. That part is nothing, but simply installing WordPress on localhost like we wrote a guide on that topic before.

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Working With WordPress MySQL through PHPMyAdmin Video Guide

Working With MySQL through PHPMyAdmin Guide is created for any level of users for power usage for optimization, backup and how it works. In this guide article on Working With WordPress MySQL through PHPMyAdmin, we are giving you the example with , where PHPMyAdmin can be accessed separately and it uses a Fully Qualified Domain Name in case of Rackspace Cloud Sites.
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Which CDN is Best for Serving Static Contents and Streaming

Which CDN is Best has one answer – Akamai. Akamai is the global standard and used by IBM to Microsoft. You have to find someone using their infrastructure. Our tutorials and guides on web page speed has been mentioned by various standard websites, that includes a blog post by Google, Other notes on quite popular WordPress plugin WP Total Cache (see Other Notes Tab on official repo). We neither tell you a way that is too costly or has security issues just for being marginally cheaper. We have no affiliate kind of link business. We can see lot of website are actually misleading the new users to answer the basic question – which cdn is best.

Streaming Video and Audio from Server using VLC Player Video Guide

Streaming and Audio from Server using VLC Video shows how to configure Server with VLC Player to stream your Audio or Video. In previous guide named Streaming Video From Rackspace Cloud Server Using VLC Player, we wrote the principles behind streaming Video and Audio from Server using VLC Player. However, some visitors and followers on Google Plus requested for a Video Guide to it more clear. Here is the whole process from the starting to clear the whole thing behind How to Setup a Streaming Video and Audio from Server using VLC Player using Rackspace Cloud Server. There are some parts which will be shown here in details (like options to setup VLC streaming on webpage, embedding etc.).…

Profile Images That Works : Tips For Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

Profile Images are important not only for your eyes only, it is important as Google Web Search and others shows up your profile image with the search results. If you are not sure about the Google Web Search and others shows up your profile image with the search results part, please read our articles like Google Authorship Confirmation Email, rel=”author” and rel=”me” in WordPress and important article on Authorbox or Author Info Box in WordPress.
WordPress, Tips For Facebook, Tips For Twitter, Tips For Google Plus, Profile Images

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Generic top-level domain (gTLD)

Generic top-level domain (gTLD) differ from the country code top-level domains (ccTLD) domains – they are not for any country, but for verified organizations and persons. Previously we published the List of All Top Level Domains (TLD). As Generic top-level domain (gTLD) has more authority, intentional wrong information, misinformation published through Generic top-level domain (gTLD) will be of higher importance and the organization or person responsible can be legally challenged and penalized in real life. Generic top-level domain (gTLD) in most cases, can never be deleted or de-listed from any public directory without any proper reason. This exclusively excludes the Unrestricted generic top-level domains.…

List of All Top Level Domains, Top Level Domains, All Top Level Domains
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Google AdSense Ads and Responsive Website Design

Google AdSense Ads and Responsive Website Design creates a problem when a mobile device has width less than an Ad unit. The solution is using conditional tags. We are taking that, the particular Website has WordPress a CMS as most commonly used blogs runs on WordPress and blogs needs Google AdSense Ads. Yes this hypothesis has a fallacy that in some cases Google AdSense Ads will needed to be shown on non WordPress Responsive Website Design, that is a separate topic. We wrote about Responsive Web Design Before.
Google AdSense AdsWordPressResponsive Website Design
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