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Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography

Tips for Improving Skill of  – some less known practice can make your photography more better. These are not magics but will definitely work. There are some possibly helpful words for you and links to few (really not a lot) articles may be will able to provide you more ideas apart from this article – Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography, so that part is included in the next paragraph.

Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography : Looking though the rear mirror

Actually we have a stable number of regular readers for Digital Photography section. It is not that, we very plan-fully created the section on Digital Photography. Our primary idea was to just publish the informative articles of Digital Photography which has direct relationship with technology – like Sensor, Image Processor etc. Its the visitors’ comments and questions that made it bigger and serious one.

Whatsoever, this prototype article Tips for Improving Skill of Digital Photography is nothing new, few quite related but written from different perspective possibly will be helpful for some of the readers :

This is it. Nothing more. You can read them later after finishing this one, the core part actually starts from the next subheader.

Portrait session means more and photographs

The first tip is actually the one that is closest to the hand. To get better with photography, one will have to take as much pictures as possible. Henri Cartier-Bresson once said that “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”.

Mr. Henri Cartier-Bresson stated rather drastically. But still there is something. In photography, you learn with every shot you take and that is why it is important to take pictures anytime, anywhere. Always remember: The more you photograph, the more you learn from what you are doing. Learn from mistakes.

Sit down with your results, critically

Look at your results accurately. You will love the good pictures and just tempted to very quickly press the Delete key. But you are making a serious error. Of course it is nice when you have had good pictures only. But you still give the effort to analyze why this is so good. “What have I done right, making the image over other to good”. This is important, so that you exactly count these points in future and also apply at your next pictures. Equally important, this also for the poor shots. Filter out what is bad. Why does not you like the picture? What is exactly the wrong?

Look, look, look

Theoretical knowledge at the beginning is very important. But looking at examples are more important. And that Internet has made it easy as it was never before. There are so many photo communities, forums and so many photo sites where you can watch endless number of images.

From other pictures you learn extremely much. One can see how perfect images are constructed, we discover the opportunities for image editing or simply get a new image creation ideas. Analyze why you like the pictures as well. Trying to discover what makes the picture feel you awesome is a big point.

Photography for an amateur is a different aspect versus a professional. Its quite easy to find an amateur becoming worse with time, this point must be kept in mind.

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