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Google April Fools with a Bunch of Pranks

Google April Fools with a Bunch of Pranks this year and involves kind of easter eggs in their most serious products like every year, here is our analysis. Google does these April Fool works with definite meaning and indication of their strategies that will be adapted in future or the users’ behavior which as a data may be hilarious.

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High-Level Programming Language

High-Level Programming Language is a programming language for writing of a computer program. It has natural language elements intended for making logical set more understandable. It is the magnitude of abstraction which basically various characteristics of High-Level Programming Language. For example, when writing the intended codes in initial days of evolution of computers; we had to think “as a human”, write it in a proper logical format as no one actually worked in that way before – there was less powerful grammar, then we had to make it suitable to run on a computer in an independent way. Again, this is the abstraction that defines a High-Level Programming Language.…

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Reflector in Digital Photography

Reflector in used both in photography and cinematography, the basic idea is to lighten the subjects with indirect diffused soft light to control the appearance. Appearance of what ? Appearance of the details of the subjects. For example, when the sun is over our head, if you take a picture without using reflector / reflectors / external extra artificial light source; the shadow casting on the faces will remove the details of the face – this is the basic reason why we use Fill Flash in Digital Photography and Film Photography.…

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Token Ring Local Area Network (LAN) Technology

Token Ring Local Area Network (LAN) Technology is a networking technology for computer networks, it is defined in the specification as IEEE 802.5. It defines the cable types and signaling for the physical layer, packet formats and protocols for the media access control (MAC) or data link layer of the OSI model. It is one of the two forms of implementation of the method.…

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Retina Display : Technical and Visual Aspects

Retina Display is the patented name for the LCD which has a higher pixel density so that our eye can not perceive the pixelation at normal viewing distance. Previously we wrote about the basic technical aspects of a typical TFT-LCD Display or Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display. This article will only describe the specific points about Retina Display.…

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External Hard Drive Not Recognized : Pointing Towards the Solution

External Hard Drive Not Recognized is a quite common situation faced by many users. People blame the Operating System, scratch own heads but problem persists. It is sad that, the hardware manufacturers actually provides no direct open way to contact them or ask in some way. So, the sufferer with the brick (read External Hard Drive), searches and searches on Google Web Search, few get their External Hard Drive Not Recognized status to External Hard Drive Recognized status, but possibly its not that common as we all are busy, for less important data; the whole thing becomes a huge pain – fighting and killing and evening really do not help that much. There are various technical aspects to solve or throw it away.

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What You Need to Know About Cloud

What You Need to Know About Cloud – How Much is Enough for your purpose ? One must know the essentials in order to ensure security on social websites, for example. Private cloud, personal cloud, public cloud. What is really behind the concepts around the cloud ? Not all users actually needs to go too deeper, just an overall idea actually can protect from various exploits – be it by the hackers or by the service providers as a part of marketing gimmick. What You Need to Know About Cloud is actually not huge for an average user.

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Central Processing Unit or CPU

Central Processing Unit or CPU is a machine or an electronic circuit, which controls commands entered through the machinery or electrical circuits. Processor is too broader terminology which actually covers Central Processing Unit too – we mentioned this in our article on basics how the “Processor” works – Central Processing Unit (CPU), CPU should be the preferred term over Processor.…

Central Processing Unit, Computer, Internet, Hardware

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MySQLi or MySQL Improved Extension

MySQLi or MySQL Improved Extension, as the name implies, is an improved version of the conventional MySQL driver, offering some extra benefits. Previously we wrote the basics on MySQL in What is MySQL, Why We Need MySQL.

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Cloud Computing and Legal Issues

 and Legal Issues. People has been used with  Computing  Issues, an article named Cloud Computing and Legal Issues is a bit newer to many of the readers and . Cloud computing calls not only the IT professionals and, but also lawyers on the scene and is not very surprising. But it is interesting that legal arguments are no longer primarily the limitations on the new business model, but sometimes even used as sales-supportive, bringing solutions with high availability and reliability to the market.…

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