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Cloud Computing is Becoming Socially Acceptable

Cloud Computing is Becoming Socially Acceptable day by day. From toothbrush to a computer keyboard, if the society do not accept, it becomes costly and useless. This is exactly what the major software vendors wanted from Cloud Computing to turn a new course. This is now also the major assurance for the providers of business softwares, which had reviled software as a service a few years ago and cloud computing as a passing fad. Today cloud computing has become the main stream for these software companies such as SAP and Oracle, with the big hope for the future. In this motion, Google Apps took the most important step by making it a paid service, thereby adding a fully premium essence.

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Which CDN is Best for Serving Static Contents and Streaming

Which CDN is Best has one answer – Akamai. Akamai is the global standard and used by IBM to Microsoft. You have to find someone using their infrastructure. Our tutorials and guides on web page speed has been mentioned by various standard websites, that includes a blog post by Google, Other notes on quite popular WordPress plugin WP Total Cache (see Other Notes Tab on official repo). We neither tell you a way that is too costly or has security issues just for being marginally cheaper. We have no affiliate kind of link business. We can see lot of website are actually misleading the new users to answer the basic question – which cdn is best.

Backup Solutions and Public Cloud

Backup Solutions on Public Cloud and disaster recovery are increasing being incorporated into cloud offerings, most of the time free or in freemium model. A grandfather styled question comes in the mind – is everything becoming so cheap that, Backup Solutions and disaster recovery can be offered for free of cost with quite good set of features ? Grandfathers ask because they has been made fool many a times in life. They ask, is Microwave Oven is really safe ? Will not it create any problem in health ? You smart answer few years ago, in Advertising style was – “Come on! Its fully safe!”, just out of fun of buying a new gadget. But ultimately it is becoming apparent that, Microwave oven is not only unsafe for health, it has the potentiality to be dangerous. So eventually these Backup Solutions on Public Cloudand disaster recovery, which are mostly free; invites obvious prototype questions.…

Streaming Video and Audio from Server using VLC Player Video Guide

Streaming and Audio from Server using VLC Video shows how to configure Server with VLC Player to stream your Audio or Video. In previous guide named Streaming Video From Rackspace Cloud Server Using VLC Player, we wrote the principles behind streaming Video and Audio from Server using VLC Player. However, some visitors and followers on Google Plus requested for a Video Guide to it more clear. Here is the whole process from the starting to clear the whole thing behind How to Setup a Streaming Video and Audio from Server using VLC Player using Rackspace Cloud Server. There are some parts which will be shown here in details (like options to setup VLC streaming on webpage, embedding etc.).…

YouTube Video : YouTube Tips and Tricks for Publishers

YouTube and Tricks for Publishers will help you to create, optimize YouTube , get direct backlinks, Traffic to your blog as well as earn money. We are linking to our some older articles on YouTube Video Tips and Tricks which might be helpful for various level of usersYouTube AdSense Basics – How to Make Money or the on How to Publish Windows Movie Maker Video to YouTube with 2 Step Verification or Creating YouTube Videos for Guides That Works or basic process for Adding AdSense Account of Different Email with YouTube.

Dropbox API and Cloud Apps

Dropbox API was introduced in 2012 as a new API that allows the app developers to connect to mobile applications for iOS and Android with Dropbox cloud storage. Previously we discussed the current importance of API, Cloud Computing and Mobile devices. Dropbox always thinks in a different way than their competitors. This new Dropbox API was an way so that the Apps can access to the remotely stored data as if they were locally available.…

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Protect Data in the Cloud : Tips and Theories

Protect Data in the Cloud with the key factor that determines the adoption of cloud services. To protect a cloud environment it requires additional procedures. The skepticism that many users cloud computing services have placed seems to wane. With this given trend, it is not surprising that cybercriminals have identified cloud infrastructures as a worthwhile to invest time and money.…

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