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Podcast and Podcasting

Podcast and Podcasting is broadcasting the media files either as audio or video over internet and combination of the words Pod of iPod and Casting of Broadcasting. Those who are new to our website, they are suggested to understand the architecture and way we publish the articles. You will find very closely related practical guides and lists of Applications which are either indirectly related to Podcast like importance of RSS subscribers as RSS is quite closely related to Podcasting or very basic need for many users like Podcast Apps for Android. What we want to say is that, unlike usual blog type websites, we usually have articles for the 4-5 aspects or facets of a technology. Like this article on Podcast is fully technical, while, there will be specific article on how to create your own Podcast from already existing writings. So, for this series kind of niche sites, Podcast itself is important to keep users like you to stay updated.

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