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Convincing Clients to Switch to Cloud Computing

Convincing Clients to Switch to  – Some people have the ability to convince anything they want, client is blessed if it is for the better option. If it sounds great then the credit of the construction of the sentence is from another source in a bit twisted manner, but it does speaks of some right points. computing is the future of consumer applications, web applications and enterprise applications and are converging towards a scenario where cloud data is far away from the user and resources are hidden, they are not physical as in the past with dedicated servers. Obviously if your work is for the small and medium business, you do need to explain the customers the benefits of the cloud computing and why they should shift. Convincing Clients to Switch to Cloud Computing does depends on various parameters and the target should be good.…

Cloud Hosted Custom Google Site Search

Site Search – That means you will host a CNAME associated with Subdomain like and serve that page fully from using API. Creating a Custom Google Site Search that is not dependent on your main server but CDN has many advantages like faster loading, custom coding etc. We will show this example to create your own Custom Google Site Search with Files CDN, but you can use Dropbox for the Same Purpose to Custom Google Site Search.…

How to Get Started with Cloud Server

How to Get Started with Server – be it or Amazon or any brand which basically delivers Cloud Server as IaaS so you can allocate RAM yourself. This basic question How to Get Started with Cloud Server has been asked by a new user, who used Server before, but knew that, Server means a Control Panel. He tried both Rackspace or Amazon and found no way how to get started with cloud server.

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Role of Depth of Field in Professional Grade Photography

Role of Depth of Field in Professional Grade Photography depends on various parameters like skill of the photographer,lens, image processor, situation, composition, Focal length, Distance of object, Size of the circle of confusion and therefore the format and size of print and obviously the f Number. Role of Depth of Field can be said simply in one sentence – depth of field is a parameter that makes the pictures look more professional to a novice or in front of an expert.…

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Java and Lock-in in the Cloud Computing Platforms

Java and Lock-in in the Cloud Computing Platforms is obvious result of combination of three factors. To avoid some fundamentals must be taken into account. Cloud computing and specifically the model PaaS is becoming more and more practical guide point for businesses and it can happen that a developer is required to deploy on fully or partially vendor locked cloud platforms such as Amazon Cloud or Google App Engine or Cisco Cloud. There are some fundamental differences which must be taken into account when programming, and we are going to discuss briefly in this article on Java and Lock-in in the Cloud Computing Platforms.

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Cloud Computing and Dangers of Ignorance

We often speak of the potentiality of the cloud computing platform, but now everyone with the access to an unmanaged server with a few dollars, raising the risks of Cloud Computing security issues, especially it is related to the fact that not all customers have the necessary skills to manage a server and this carries risks for everyone. There is no specific a pattern unique to this platform : these users often leave the doors open and the server, as it is an IaaS, have a little access for management is a very common problem for many hosting providers who are pierced with such inexperienced customers.

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Keyless Door Unlocking Mobile Cloud Based Apps

Keyless Door Unlocking Mobile Based Apps like Lockitron, ShareKey, Unikey are growing interest from both the developers and the users. Previously we wrote about Lockitron, which is Free Software plus Open Source Hardware in our article Cloud Based Mobile App for Keyless Entry or Build Something More. Let us have a deeper look on these prototype Keyless Door Unlocking Mobile Cloud Based Apps which works either remotely or locally.

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