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For some reason, as much as 200+ visitors daily search with the phrase Cloud Computing Average Cost or something closer to Cloud Computing Average Cost. I tried for the past 3 hours to understand what they actually wanted to know by searching with Cloud Computing Average Cost, perhaps this article will quench their query thirst.

So we need to define what we are going to explain with this eccentric title of this post – Cloud Computing Average Cost. What we thought, probably the visitors are searching the average monthly cost of the most commonly used Cloud based applications and platforms. Platform is not the right term – it should be Cloud Computing Models.

Before we start the main article, which might look like a restaurant’s chart, we must mention, the average cost of commonly used Cloud Models and applications might rise with time, with time means next year it might be higher than this year. The reasons behind this paradoxical rise instead of decrease in price is due due several probable factors – with increasing users, the consumption of electricity might increase as well. That might influence the cost.

Which we will consider in this list to be in the Cloud Computing Average Cost list

As our capacity is limited and this post will not look nice if we make a list like a stock market paper, we will mention only the major usages (right now) and we have tried to give a range of the cost.

Cloud Computing Average Cost

Cloud Computing Average Cost of Hosting related services:

  • Standard Cloud VPS – $ 30 – $ 50 per month (default price)
  • Standard WordPress, Joomla optimized fully managed Cloud Based platform – $ 150 (Only available from Rackspace as Cloud Sites which we are on.) Extra Computing Cycles and Bandwidth are not taken in to consideration.
  • Standard Cloud Based CDN and Cloud Based Online Space – $ 2 / GB on an average.
  • Standard Cloud Load Balancer – $ 10 / month.
  • Managed Private Cloud – Depends on the usage and needs. Can start from $ 200 / month and upwards.
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – Depends and mostly decided after a chat with the brand. Google App Engine is a PaaS, which is free up to a certain level.

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