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404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP response code which indicates that the browser was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not deliver what was requested from it.

Why we will use these  404 WordPress Plugins ?

Major benefits of using these 404 WordPress Plugins :
Some of these 404 WordPress Plugins can Repair the 404 Errors
Some 404 WordPress Plugins can automatically redirect to similar page/post
Few 404 WordPress Plugins can generate report of the 404 Errors.

List of 6 404 WordPress Plugins

Redirection : Probably the oldest and most downloaded WordPress Plugin among these 6 404 WordPress Plugins. This plugin can monitor the 404 errors and captures a log of 404 errors, it can redirect automatically and has lot of features.

TentBlogger 404 Repair : Among all 404 WordPress Plugins, TentBlogger 404 Repair is relatively more easier to use for the beginners. It can repair the 404 Errors.

AskApache Google 404 :  This Plugin has some unique features among all these 404 WordPress Plugins! It displays a very helpful and Search-Engine Optimized Error Page. The default displays Google Search Results related to the keyword.

Smart 404 : Automatically redirect to the content the visitor was most likely searching for or shows suggestions.

404 SEO Plugin :  This WordPress plugin will give you a customized 404 error message. It will automatically display links to relevant pages on your site.

Google 404 : Again it has unique feature among the 404 WordPress Plugins mentioned above. It allows you to add a Google 404 widget to your blog. You need a Google webmaster account  to ensure the Google 404 widget works rightly.

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