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Google Apps Settings Including Settings for Premium Google+ is not easy to tune especially if you are using another managed service like of Rackspace Cloud. And just take our instance – a simple farm to full fledged Private Company migration, 3 AdWords accounts eventually created, separate AdSense Account, one separate Google Display Network client account, one DFP account (thankfully there is no chance to get DFP without AdSense), 2 YouTube Accounts, 70+ domains, it will be over 100 if sub domains are calculated, I personally manage two edu and one ac website behalf of other, 80% Cloud Services are from managed The Rackspace Cloud, including emails except for this domain. Forget to add that I have all Google Services enabled, including books, scholars etc. It can happen that you are in the same situation, at least partially. As an owner (at least by thought, if not legally), you need to merge all somehow. Logically you will say – change all to that AdSense account’s one. But, that is not my named account, it is of my father (who is quite in ill health as I wrote in my personal blog). Add that – I am Google verified Author. I can not delete or forget that account. Most importantly, it is insecure to ask any of my employee to work on it, it is I have to setup first. The reason (again) for writing up this guide on Google Apps Settings Including Settings for Premium Google+ is, to decrease your pain as I needed to work at a stretch for 5 hours with quite experienced hand, and two laptops (one to plan properly !).

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