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XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software for Survival or rather to deploy the biggest possibility of catching up the market in Forum Software. Free Forum Softwares which has better possibilities to get a big market are MyBB and BBPress. XenoForo basically followed the old marketing model of paid software of vBulletin which invariably will not work in next five years. It is what statistics is saying – CentOS versus Red Hat, competition less WordPress, the rise of Ubuntu, Android OS, Open Stack, Rackspace Private Cloud Computing software aka a version of Open Stack, Open Swift deployment, Red Hat’s Open Swift. vBulletin is useless in terms of solid HTML output, imbecile licensing costs and important XenForo is in backfoot.

Why XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software for Survival

MyBB, BBPress and SMF – three big blasts in 2012, in terms of coding has progressing very rapidly. MyBB by default offers three database options – PostgreSQL, MySQLi and MySQL. XenoForo is good looking, option rich and suitable on the Cloud. Three important related articles to this post will be :

XenoForo Should Follow the Trend of Free Software : Unlimited Developers and Less Legal Dispute

The major trend of Internet (in Google Search World) was backlinking and huge number of posting. That has been slashed by Google with latest intelligent authorship based, rich snippet based ranking. Those are old domains running vBulleting will probably not suffer due to a constant supply of visitors from social media, but definitely, today one successful WordPress owner with Google Verified Authorship will think 5 times whether to use BBPress or MyBB. This is because the codes are clean and safe – they are open and can be modified easily. I personally do not use any Forum Software as our platform is blogging.

vBulletin however, trying their best to knockout XenForo from legal ground (check WikiPedia article on Xenforo). But vBulletin’s idea is wrong. Just two days ago we tested MyBB for tutorial purpose and we were quite astonished with their progress. We have been used with space, line break free HTML output from WordPress. XenForo is closer but needs solid coding. Kier Darby has 1261 followers, Mike Sullivan condition is worse – 598 followers. They could easily follow the path of Matt Mullenweg, instead thought of temporary gain of wealth but killed the impassibility of becoming hero.

Hundreds of good paid softwares died before or got sold, if XenoForo does not follow the trend, their death is inevitable, today or tomorrow.

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