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Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud do have some very cheaper options if you have basic knowledge of UNIX commands. OpenStack is Free Software has options to make your own test or deployment environment for Private Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud yourself. This guide on Cost Saving Options for Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud is intended for startup companies with less budget and for the developers.

Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud :  The Minimum Theoretical Knowledge You Will Need

We are taking that you have a bit idea on Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud and OpenStack. If you do not have, you can go through our articles, they are quite enough material to gather an overall idea :

Private Cloud Platform Selection : OpenStack, VMWare or Microsoft ?

How Private Cloud Works for a Company’s IT Infrastructure

Private Cloud Computing – Advantages Over Public Cloud

Characteristics of Private Cloud Computing

Basics on Virtual Private Cloud 

If you need more, you can use the search box on this webpage with Private Cloud as Keyword. You will find lot of articles.

Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud : Suggestion Based on My 25+ Configurations

Basically the systems I configured are mostly related to Governmental Setup for non commercial academic researches. They do not have much fund even to hire an UNIX expert, I casually build one and in that way others asked me, quite obviously there is no question of taking any fees from them. But it gathered a good idea for myself.

Selection of Platform to Deploy Private Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud

OpenStack. Nothing less or more. Because it is Free Software.

Selection of company for Private Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud

The Rackspace Cloud unmanaged servers (charge is hourly based, the support for unmanaged exists to some extent and that is more than anyone) or HP Cloud (similar hourly based charge) as both supports OpenStack and the hardware, network is very very stable.

Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud

The sad fact about Rackspace Private Cloud is, basically you will need two Bare Metal (that means real physical servers of your own) for the support of Private Cloud. Ubuntu Juju is a software that supports OpenStack but unfortunately we could not reached the point of success with Ubuntu Juju and  Rackspace Unmanaged Servers. That Juju can basically can avoid Bare Metal. You have to go for either with Rackspace officially (unmanaged Private Cloud) with Bare Metal or have to use HP Cloud Servers with Ubuntu Juju, which works. But the support of HP is not comparable with Rackspace (as or I personally have all the managed services from Rackspace), although is quite good than the others. So in that case, if you ant to stick with no Bare Metal but Rackspace, a good option is vCider which is actually a Virtual Private Cloud.
The other option for the developers is to use DevStack, which is a shell script to build complete OpenStack development environments. Of course all are Free Softwares. I created 2 with DevStack (as they took the risk knowing the fact that it is not for deployment but for development), they are running quite well !

All good, odd, bad ideas I gave for cost reduction for your own Private Cloud or Virtual Cloud for cost saving yet using the best possible technology providers, you can decide yourself. If you want to get ripped off, there are lot of solutions ! My solutions will not exceed $100 – $400 per month. That is almost equal to Public Cloud from the two providers.

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