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Installing a Very Light CMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites

Installing a Very Light CMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites can give you the ability to create HTML web pages very easily or to use Bootstarp to make it a new CMS. The original CMS is CMSimple and has quite difficult types of License, but fortunately there is a GPL3 version. We are taking about GPL3 version for this Installing a Very Light CMS on Rackspace Cloud Sites guide.

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Do Not Use Host1Free Cloud Server Free or Paid

Do Not Use Host1Free Cloud Server Free or Paid although we previously published guides. This caution is after receiving feedback from few visitors and our experience. We always promote the best and Open Source CMS like WordPress, Open Cloud Computing like from Rackspace Cloud or HP Cloud. We will not responsible if anyone follows our Installing WordPress on Free Cloud VPS from Host1Free guide and gets in to trouble later for their technical issues or anything. Again we are giving precaution – Do Not Use Host1Free Cloud Server Free or Paid service.

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Cloud Computing and Multitenancy : Rhymes With Risks

Cloud Computing and Multitenancy has relationship. Both relies on using a single resource and distribution to multiple clients. Risk in both cases depends. The concept of multitenancy should not be confused with that of multiinstance architecture where separate software instances or separate hardware systems are available in different organizations. Physically they are separated in the second case.

Cloud Computing and Multitenancy

Comparison is only possible when there is some similarity, so is for Cloud Computing and Multitenancy. Even if we use virtualization technology of today’s Red Hat, each server can serve a few users on it compared to a multitenant system. Beyond their efficiency, multitenant services can scale easily and by using them you can reduce costs for both the supplier and the customer. Multitenancy if services such as for Facebook, have been able to grow so quickly at the time of their first development to the increase the number users in millions in a short time. In the field of business services is another famous example of multitenancy. For businesses, institutions usually have stricter requirements for the consumers, a multitenant cloud computing platform is full of disadvantages. And developers of these companies has made the idea even worse for several reasons.

Cloud Computing and Multitenancy : Risks and Reason to Go Worser

Suppose you want to have the guarantee that your Gmail account rests only on servers physically located in the United States for legal reasons. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to ensure this with a multitenant platform. Data privacy laws vary widely from state to state, and cloud computing applications often must be performed by data centers located in different countries.

Cloud Computing platform vendors argue that their software if executed properly, will insulate all user data by configuring the information necessary to access differently for each user, but there is always the lurking risk of hitting errors and mistakes of human.

Dragging in other critical case, assume that a hacker is able to break the encryption of a database managed by a provider of a cloud computing service. If it is a multitenant, there is the possibility that the hacker is able to steal data from dozens or hundreds of different business customers, all stored in the same database.

Cloud Computing and Multitenancy :  Conclusion

For many companies and developers, it make more sense to adapt to cloud computing platforms that provide a wide range of choice between functionality enabling the traditional relational database, security and flexibility allows single-tenant software and the flexibility in pricing models of the service.

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Run Ubuntu as Live USB or Virtualization from Pen Drive

Run Ubuntu as Live USB or Virtualization from Pen Drive – the title sounds odd, but basically with a third party single software, you can carry Ubuntu and run. Most Linux enthusiast knows the name of the software – it is known as LiLi. It uses Oracle VirtualBox for Virtualization. Here is a guide to  Run Ubuntu as Live USB or Virtualization from Pen Drive for anyone. (read more), Computer and Internet, Virtualization WordPress Plugin and Advanced Tricks WordPress Plugin in general enables you to microdata into WordPress pages and posts. Here is details about WordPress Plugin and more about Organization of Schemas. For more information on snippets, which Google will only consider in future, you can read this elaborated article. The basic intention of this article is to (1) Point you towards the right WordPress Plugin (s) (2) Give additional idea beyond WordPress Plugin things and (3) Advanced information. (read more)

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Cloud Computing and Designing Own Truly Scalable System

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing becomes fully enjoyable if it is arranged to make a scalable system for the application or CMS or any web software including WordPress. We wrote about scalability in cloud computing before and also pointed out that, Scalability and Service Continuity are not equivalent in Cloud Computing. If you buy a single Cloud Server or custom Cloud Platform but do not arrange to make it to use the scalability, you can not optimize the performance.

Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool

Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool can be answered by you after using it and knowing about its powerful back end. Let us see what ownCloud has. ownCloud is an server installable Free Software suite that gives a managable storage space with graphical interface with wide plugins or addons. ownCloud was launched in January 2010 by Frank Karlitschek to provide a free alternative software. Before going to details on Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool, you can read a guide to install ownCloud on Rackspace Cloud Sites and a handy users guide on ownCloud.

Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool : Features

You can try ownCloud as live demo on their official website :

ownCloud runs on PHP and can use SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL as database. Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool can not be judged from these points as most online collaboration tool actually are PHP MySQL web application. You can store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars on your Cloud Server or Cloud Computing Platform, it supports encryption over HTTP by default. You can increase security by SSL. It has built in support for external cloud storage plus the editing tools, photo viewers are quite good by default. Installation as we have shown in the tutorial is simply very easy.

Why ownCloud is Best Cloud Collaboration Tool

First it is an Free, Open Software with optional paid official support. The support is good point as enterprise users might need a good dev team and instead of bad third party support. The default features, easy installation, mobile device support makes it the best solution.

However, ownCloud has limitation by their own policy of development. It is not acceptable that the free edition lacks features and developers will develop plugins for free and they will lick the honey by supplying as paid product. We observed what eyeOS did – they had almost the same structure of business. Developers must know that, ownCloud can be a second eyeOS by sudden withdraw of the Free version sucking their work. Definitely, nothing can be compared with the structure and policy of

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Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards is a newly introduced meta name system for webmasters and authors, a new head tag to increase your headache and this guide will act as painkiller. As you can understand, Google has added and researching so much and getting attention for things, Facebook uses Open Graph Protocol to verify, so it is a prestige issue for Twitter. If they can not increase a bit headache to the site owners, then what is ‘social value’ ? Ultimately we have to use Twitter Cards, either you love or hate the pain, simply because it will probably add some extra on SERP as well.

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What is Multitasking in Computing ?

Multitasking is the ability of an operating system to execute a number of tasks concurrently. Generally the processor gives the supporting hardware structure, and we discussed in an elaborated article about Processor Hyper-Threading and related technologies. This is an article more about Multitasking in Computing as a whole.

What is Multitasking in Computing

In case of software or Operating System based Multitasking, various running processes in short intervals are alternately activated, making the ultimate work fast. If a computer has multiple CPU cores, it performs several tasks in really simultaneously, that is what multi-processing is. In modern computers, both methods are used in combination for the perfect result.

Multitasking can be useful for different requirements, in particular to optimize the load and for a balanced environment depending on the objective or priority-based resource allocation. The basic idea behind the former is that in an average computer due to the overwhelming  relatively slow, external events like keystrokes, multiple clicks by the user, majority of the computation time can not be used. This is interactive session and in many cases, in server, we have to use non-interactive session to eliminate this problem. By multitasking, the waiting time of a process with other processes can be used. This is of benefit for interactivity.

Other Notes on Multitasking

Cooperative multitasking is known as time sharing which we have discussed in a previous article. We are not going in to the detail of  cooperative multitasking. The standard method used today is the preemptive multitasking, in which the kernel controls the execution of each process and holding of each process after a certain processing time is in favor of other processes. Then the main process is inactive, other processes can be executed. One popular implementation of the use of a preemptive multitasking is calculation priority and creating a task queue associated with the round-robin scheduling strategy.
Memory protection, Memory swapping are other implemented methods to optimize Multitasking.

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How to embrace the Cloud Computing Concept Properly : For Money Making Blogs

Cloud Computing has very high keyword value. Regular visitors are well aware of our sarcastic writing style. Basically you need to copy paste from here and there and ultimately you will understand, it is earning very less – because Google bots are intelligent robots and uses MAS. More intelligent than you. So, hardly 2 – 10 cents CPC for you. It is better to not think How to embrace the Cloud Computing Concept Properly. (read more)

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