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Twitter Header Design Tips to create a great design for a professional profile which will attractive and people will lick it like Mac to become your follower. Twitter has Apple Inspired graphical minimalistic design and in contrast to Facebook’s crap design, it needs more careful Photoshop work for Twitter Header Design of your own, otherwise it will look very pathetic.

Twitter Header Design Tips : Inconsistencies in mention of Image Size

The developers guide in Twitter mentions the maximum size of Twitter Header to be of 1252×626 pixels. But in Twitter design profile it is 1200×600 pixels. Image size will not be a factor even for PNG output from PSD in Photoshop. Again Facebook failed. There is a loose less compression that does not affect the look at all. Compare with Facebook’s compression.

Twitter Header Design Tips : The Steps

We have included a PSD here of 1252×626 pixels with grid suggestive position of your flower like good looking face :

The gray border is of Adobe Photoshop. I have used a Grid Pattern in black background to make it appealing ! The major important point is – the Twitter Header Design PSD file we have included is of 1252×626 pixels, but I discovered while uploading my own Twitter Header Design – it should be 1200 x (auto – nearly 624 pixels or like that) pixels. In other words, resize the width of final PNG output to 1200 pixel. Height will be auto in Photoshop. Here is is how I uploaded Twitter Header Design :

We need no scaling as our design is a final work. The option of Twitter Header is in design option in Twitter. After uploading it, it looks like this :

Add proper gradients to make yours one a bit dark, that white colored text output is automatic. It is important to use same photo everywhere, same name every where, if you have the desire to become a verified author and get an email from Google. As I use the lotus Icon in Twitter, it was important to use my ugly face in Twitter Header Design. Although, it is better to use your face in any case. The softwares recognizes the face and understands that you are you !

Download Twitter Header Design from my deviantArt Gallery.

To know more, please visit our website :


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