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How to Start an Online Business is one of the most searched keyphrase. We will not only give tips by starting from few dollars but also show practical examples. I read an article named Starting a Home Based Web Business from a website named ; searching with How to Start an Online Business keyphrase on those days never shown the result at #3 at Google Search result today.

In the article, the author wrote an excellent line under a beautiful landscape photograph – “I developed so I can spend time in places like this (Glacier Park) whenever I want, instead of being forced to work for others.” Other such old website influenced my thoughts hugely –, about which we wrote a separate article.

Do not get mis-leaded by articles like How to Start an Online Business for $100. Because they are not to help you – they are dangerously good reading, semi auto generated texts with full of affiliate links. Other two important person and their blogs, business websites can be your guide – one is Darren Rowse of and, another person is Brian Clark of

You might have only $10.00 to start an online business or 10 million dollars. The difference of the amount in history of business unfortunately or fortunately never shown a big difference. Because they invested diligence, a fool will learn if has diligence and most importantly – perseverance.

How to Start an Online Business : Learn the Basic Pattern

If you immediately want money, this article how to start an Online Business is not for you – you better need to seek a job in real life. It is always better to learn the way to writing, which is said copywriting. This way you can learn by working behind the big community based forums. You will loss time but will learn which guide or any article that is creating a response among the readers. Then open a website that is own hosted WordPress blog.  Right now, WordPress blog is the best for creating almost any kind of website. If you can not not pay even $3 per month, you can start to seek free web hosting solutions. Those ‘free does not work’ is a fuss now. The modern strategy is to push a premium product by mass distribution of free products. At extreme situation, if you can not find any way, simply ask us – WordPress Cloud Hosting at One Dollar Per Month With CDN. This is done by many big companies like Google. Everyone knows starting is difficult economically but the successful peoples develops a kind of attitude to help with resources. It gives some monetary or other return but possibly earning a goodwill is more important for branding.

Blogging is a business with an indirect source of income through the Adverts. There are peoples who earns $2000 or more per day only from blogging. Your target is to learn the way a website runs on the Internet, there are many phrases, words, terminologies which the blog will help you to learn – SEO, using AdWords, Backlinks, value of having EMD domain etc. When you will get over 2000  visitors per day, you will know that you have graduated on the basics to run a website. Now you can think about How to Start an Online Business.

How to Start an Online Business

Take that, you have invested one year to reach the target of 2000 visitors perday on your blog website and you are already earning $500 per month from the blog. Your one source of income is steady now. 90% fails today when they start a online business without making their base ready. The reasons are numerous – take that a commercial service providing website started a service by giving the advice on How to Start an Online Business by taking $100 per client. They can rank on Google at #1. But I will also try to beat them, we have no paid How to Start an Online Business kind of consultancy service ! We will overbid that company on Google AdWords to get traffic to read this article. Because simply I will get that investment back. Why you will not know unless you are seriously blogging.

Second important factor is, a blogger with a good quality content website earns a huge number of followers on all social media. Huge number of email subscribers are already there. Money can not buy human followers.

How to Start an Online Business : Plan Your Business

It is now easy for you to invest. You can buy materials, services from the money you gathered from your blog. This is the normal usual way How to Start an Online Business :

  • Think of at least three niche of business
  • Find the services which funds to start a business, you have a goodwill from your blog website, you are not that unreliable on Internet
  • Chalk out the plan after reading the related resources and printed books
  • Draw it in an illustrated way in a big chart paper
  • Dedicate a separate table or room only for the business thoughts
  • Create a prototype website either on a subdomain or on your local computer, develop it, fully make it ready.
  • Buy the domain name, import the development site to this production website
  • You already know how to do SEO yourself, use Adwords, use the knowledge
  • Use your blog a tool to convert some visitors to clients
  • Now think for legal parts like forming a Limited Liability Company or Private Limited Company. You already know from your blog, whether the business website is going towards good or it has not much future.

Articles like  How to Start an Online Business for $100 simply does not work because, as a managing director you have to know the minimum of everything about your business, otherwise you will spend money behind employees but simply they will not work when they will discover the fact – basically you do not know the basics.

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