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Desktop virtualization generally describes the complete virtualization and relocation of the operating system in a data center. Thus the previously coherent system of hardware and software is divided and is shown separately. Only the image is displayed on the screen of thin clients or computer inputs from peripheral devices are forwarded to the data center for processing. This is achieved by different protocols of the various manufacturers.

The operating system, in this case, is represented by the virtualization software as it would run independently on a single physical machine. The virtualization software is the various hardware components, so that the operating system may appear to operate normally interact with the hardware. Thereby it is possible to execute the same number of virtual machines on a single physical machine.

Desktop virtualization for developed infrastructure systems are used to take the deployment and management of virtual desktops. They work with a variety of software and hardware components to deploy desktop virtualization.

Desktop virtualization is experiencing strong economic growth and is becoming more widespread in business. Analysts predict that the market for desktop virtualization in the business sector in the coming years is experiencing significant growth and more and more companies will use desktop virtualization.

Major competitors to VMware in desktop virtualization are Citrix and Microsoft. Other suppliers in the market with significantly lower market shares are still Oracle / Sun and Parallels.

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