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USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop can be a good option both for increasing the ergonomics or a cheaper Replacement Keyboard for non functioning Keyboard of Laptop. USB Micro Keyboard does not mean those Keyboard cum Leather Casing For Android Tablet we wrote about before, these have a full standard size USB connector.

USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop : Must Know Points Before Purchasing

One who uses a Mac / Macbook Pro knows very well, what is the difference between the tactile feel of Apple’s keyboard due to their good spacing, uniform flat size and surface of the keys and may be some quality factor. These points are important to understand as we will need a Keyboard that virtually can sit on your died keyboard of PC laptop. PC manufactures are well known for bad quality keyboards and can die / malfunction due to huge typing works, spillage of hot tea like me, etc.

Replacing a Laptop’s keyboard is not really very cheap option, especially if you are not within the warranty period or has violated the TOS. So, from the experiences of using a Mac’s keyboard we will find a USB micro keyboard that is cheap ($5 – $20) yet good.

USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard

You will find lot of USB Micro Keyboard those looks some what like Apple’s wireless keyboard but has an USB plug, they are mostly Chinese clones, you can guess the lack of quality control by unknown brands, but they actually solves the issue to find a perfect USB Micro Keyboard at cheaper price. You will find them in small computer parts selling shops, Ebay orAmazon. An advanced PC Laptop users must look for these points :

If you want to use the USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard, it must somehow sit on your Laptop’s keyboard – yes, they manufacturer them purposefully in an way so that you will find, it can actually sit !
USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop must have the Insert Key, Delete Key, Pause, Scroll and Home Keys. These are often not present from model to model. Insert Key is quite important if you use a Windows PC and use PuTTY like SSH/TelNet client. Probably due to the cloning process of designing of these USB Micro Keyboard, they forgets to add the Insert Key like Macs.

If you can not find a suitable USB Micro Keyboard for Laptop as Replacement Keyboard, but in a dangerous need, you can ask us, we on humanity can try to find one for you. I liked the Mac Keyboard clone at cheap rate after spilling a cup of tea over it.

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