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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technique is for developing interactive web using combination of HTML, CSS and others for dynamic delivery of content to user. Double Click for Publishers is an example which currently supports Asynchronous JavaScript loading to make the page loading a faster process.

In JavaScript, there are two ways to handle the HTTP requests primarily done through browser by an user – like loading of this webpage. They may be performed either loading synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous means that the rest of the page loading execution process stops until that request has been performed. It is obvious that, this programming is simpler to do. JavaScript do not support multiple threading, that is the reason it needs to be loaded to full. Thus, no other operations can be carried out while waiting for a synchronous HTTP request. Now think that Javascript calls a server to display an Flash based Ad (bigger size) and in HTML code the placement is hierarchically higher than other components of the webpage to make it a viewable or readable to the reader.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a kind of technology for dynamic web pages which allows the direct exchange and the representation of parts of web pages without the need of loading the entire web page. Ajax programs give the impression that they are running on the user’s computer. To avoid the problem with  synchronous JavaScripts,  asynchronous requests are used. This means that JavaScript in  asynchronous does not waits for a response, but continues with the execution of the next line. In order to process the result of the request may still is passed to the request object also. This form is called asynchronous AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).


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