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Windows 8 Edition actually comes in three flavors Windows 8 edition, Windows 8 and Windows Pro RT. Let us compare with other advanced Operating Systems. Most of the unofficial blogs are written and published by Microsoft MVPs, to promote various Windows 8 Edition. We have compare with Open Source Operating Systems and Other Operating Systems as unlike Microsoft MVPs who gets these Windows 8 Edition for free, you or me have to pay the hard earned money to get any one Windows 8 Edition for one PC.

Details of Various Windows 8 Edition

You know about Windows 8 Beta and other details. Officially Microsoft itself has a chart ( Announcing the Windows 8 Edition ) The chart can be confusing to normal users as X is used for feature present and blank for feature not present. There are reasons to do such peculiar work. Anyway, here is a better version :

To me only good thing is we can install Windows 8 on Android Tablet.

Comparing Windows 8 Edition with Other Operating System

Forget about any Windows 8 Edition – Few Billion Dollars businesses are running on WordPress, few Billion Dollars businesses are deploying Open Stack, Open Cloud, free Linux OS.  Saying about Open Cloud will sprinkle salt on Microsoft’s wound.

Buying any Windows 8 Edition for business or personal purpose has very low Return of Investment in my honest opinion. Why we need to buy a $300 (no official pricing is available for any Windows 8 Edition but its definite that Microsoft will not give it as Open Source Software!) where the basic need is done by free Linux plus almost free from Virus.

Ubuntu has good supportive forum, Debian is one of the most stable distro. Its your money, you will decide which Windows 8 Edition to choose, but definitely try these free Linux distro once in life.

We have not said about Mac OS X in this Windows 8 Edition article, it uses core of UNIX.

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