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Neuroprosthetics and Modeling of Neurons

Neuroprosthetics and Modeling of Neurons is the next generation thought to make the human life more better gathering the knowledge of Neuroscience, Computing. The term Neuroprosthetics lexically refers to the neural prostheses those interfaces between the nervous system and the connection to an electronic component to clinical applications and medical research. Two important related articles are Cyborg and DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons.

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Aerogel or Frozen Smoke or Blue Smoke

Cloud computing as a Solution for Virtual Desktops and Applications

Cloud computing as a solution to the delivery of virtual desktops and applications in the corporate, academic and research purposes becoming more useful. In general, under the provision of cloud computing infrastructure, platforms and applications is understood to be services that are accessible via the Web. The provision is through special supplier. The resources are made available scalable, which means the user can can change resources according to his/her need. Which may be, for example, storage or processing power. Another example is user licenses for specific applications.

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What is Asynchronous JavaScript Technology ?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technique is for developing interactive web using combination of HTML, CSS and others for dynamic delivery of content to user. Double Click for Publishers is an example which currently supports Asynchronous JavaScript loading to make the page loading a faster process.

In JavaScript, there are two ways to handle the HTTP requests primarily done through browser by an user – like loading of this webpage. They may be performed either loading synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous means that the rest of the page loading execution process stops until that request has been performed. It is obvious that, this programming is simpler to do. JavaScript do not support multiple threading, that is the reason it needs to be loaded to full. Thus, no other operations can be carried out while waiting for a synchronous HTTP request. Now think that Javascript calls a server to display an Flash based Ad (bigger size) and in HTML code the placement is hierarchically higher than other components of the webpage to make it a viewable or readable to the reader.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a kind of technology for dynamic web pages which allows the direct exchange and the representation of parts of web pages without the need of loading the entire web page. Ajax programs give the impression that they are running on the user’s computer. To avoid the problem with  synchronous JavaScripts,  asynchronous requests are used. This means that JavaScript in  asynchronous does not waits for a response, but continues with the execution of the next line. In order to process the result of the request may still is passed to the request object also. This form is called asynchronous AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

Best Music Player Apps for Android : Reloaded

Best Music Player Apps for Android lists some great Music Players for Android Device. This is reloaded version as previously long ago we published another list. Some songs, music become immortal with time, they can a symbol of protest, rejoice and celebration.

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Sentence Case Converter : Free Online Tools to Correct Cases

Sentence Case Converter tools are automated tools to convert text to upper case, lower case, sentence cases. These Sentence Case Converter tools are useful for converting all caps texts to normal text. These are frequently found in case of typing with Caps lock on, while moderating comments, copying text for citation etc.

Sentence Case Converter and Letter case

Letter case is fully related to orthography and typography. The capital letters are called Uppercase and small letters are called Lowercase. A normal sentence has this sentence like structure. With these free Sentence Case Converter tools we can automatically correct them.

Free online Sentence Case Converter tools

There are several Sentence Case Converter tools are available online and are suitable for normal works. Here are some such tools. : This easy-to-use Case Conversion Tool is designed to allow you to convert blocks of text into any case, which you can then export to a text file or simply copy and paste back to your own document. : Change Text Case – Convert upper case to lower case, lower case to upper case online plus there are other additional tools to convert ASCII Values, encode decode URL, BASE64 etc. :  Quick, easy, web-based Sentence Case Converter tool.

Computer and Internet, Sentence Case Converter tools

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Install AjaXplorer on Rackspace Cloud Sites to Extract Zip Files

Install AjaXplorer on Rackspace Cloud Sites to Extract Zip Files and manage files and folders on Browser with smooth Ajax powered Mac OS X like interface. The basic problem most Rackspace Cloud Sites users faces is the problem to Extract Zip Files on SFTP. Except PHP, Perl etc. scripts the function is pathetic. We supplied another such script which basically does the wget function to download WordPress zip folder and extract it on Rackspace Cloud Sites. We noticed that, lot of visitors are searching such function for Joomla!, Magento etc. Instead of creating separate scripts its obviously great if we have a great software that can extract anything. This is the major reason to write this guide on how to Install AjaXplorer on Rackspace Cloud Sites to Extract Zip Files.

Computer and Internet, Cloud Computing

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Edge Computing : Basic Details

Edge Computing is closely related to next generation Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Private CDN and Elastic Computing and is deployed using load balancing. Edge Computing distributes applications, static data and other computing services to the extremity of a network.

How Edge Computing Works

Accessibility, Speed, Performance, Scalability of a Cloud Computing Network can be increased to several folds deploying Edge Computing. It bring a word, Node-less Computing. The data are fragmented to bit of information and distributed throughout the cache of Internet. These all points leads towards a single idea – increasing the Quality of Service provided through the Internet or the Internet is used for some reason or the other.

There are various types of deployment of the power of Cloud Computing. To make the topic lucid, we are not using terminologies or difficult to understand phrases. To make the application of Edge Computing clear, take that we use Internet and Servers for 3 main reasons – One is to do something in real time from one geographical point to another, Second is to use a static data, Third is to use a real time data as a static data.

Example of the first type can be a chat application, controlling a server in US from India, controlling a robot in a University in US from India. These applications has to do with Edge Computing but to a certain point. Because they need the Load Balancing in a different way. Examples of the Second group can be of loading a website on browser. That is the most common use of Internet and Server and here Edge Computing plays a great role. Third Example is like watching a streaming Video. Edge Computing has to do here as well as the real time work is becoming Static.

There are few providers of Edge Computing. Akamai, Limelight Network, Exinda, EdgeCast are such examples who provides Enterprise level Edge Computing. To give an impression Edge Computing, Akamai has one hundred thousand servers over 75 countries to distribute a single cluster of data for a particular service.

Computer and Internet; Edge Computing; Cloud computing

Internet load balancing and Multiple Internet Connections

Internet load balancing uses multiple Internet connections by increasing the reliability and performance with the chance to achieve the result at a lower cost. It is possible to increase the Internet connection bandwidth with Internet load balancingalthough it is not an absolute statement.…

Best First Person Shooter Games (FPS) for Android

Best First Person Shooter Games (FPS) for Android lists some amazing and entertaining 3D games for your Android Tablets and Android Smartphone. Although the specific hand-held gaming devices are known to deliver the best gaming experience, Android offering exciting adventures that can be considered as a opener of a new era of gaming on mobile phones.

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